just seems like a dream


5. sound check

It was time for sound check. We walked right in. We made sure to get
in the front. They played Use Somebody, I Want, and the rest of the
time they were goofing off. Then came the questions. They didn't call
on us, but it was still really fun. Harry has a really sexy american
accent as well as the other boys. They were the boys that we all have
fallen in love with. The crazy boys who just love to have fun and dont
care if they get yelled at by Paul. They all started to act so cute and
they started to laugh because they knew we were blushing! They were so
cheeky. Niall was messing with a nerf gun and accidently hit Bethanie in
the back of the head with a dart. "What was that?" Bethanie asked
confused. I looked at Niall. He was laughing as he turned away from us.
"I have no idea" i replied. "Sherri?" asked Bethanie. "Yes" I replied.
"Isn't Niall a total babe. Hes like a god in human form. He's amazing
in every way" she said. You can tell in her voice she really liked
Niall. Who obviously wouldn't though? His hair, eyes, and his Irish
accent. The sound check was ending so everyone was kicked out. We all
left and were all pumped up for tonight. We were so ready!


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