just seems like a dream


3. shoppin

We ran inside as fast as we could. "What do you wear when u meet One
Direction?" I asked. "Follow me!" Bethanie said. She grabbed my wrist and
dragged me to this one shop. She took me inside. We looked for a few
minutes. "Bethanie, I don't know. I don't see anything" i told her. "Here!
Try on this!" she demanded. I went to the dressing room and tried it
on. It was really cute. I was a tank top that flowed at the bottom kind
of like a dress. It was white and had a beaded design around the edges
of it. It fit perfectly and looked amazing with the shorts she gave me
to try on with it. I opened the door to show her. As soon as she saw,
her mouth dropped. "WOW!" she said. "Did you find your outfit?" i
asked. "Yup! now here are some shoes to go with it. Try them on so we
can get going. We need our beauty sleep you know" Bethanie told me. I
changed, we payed for our clothes and we left. We left the mall and
Bethanie took me home. "Sleep tight Sherri" said Bethanie. "You too!" i told
her. I left her car and walked to my room. Within twenty minutes, I was
sound asleep.

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