just seems like a dream


12. school

School was going by so slowly. All I wanted to do was get out and see
Harry. It was almost lunch though. I couldn't wait for lunch. I didn't
get to eat this morning and its the first of two classes I hBethanie . The class that I am currently is P.I.G. The entire class I did
nothing but stare at Harry's watch and text my bf. It felt good to call
him my bf. "Hey babe! How is school so far? xx" harry texted. "I'm
doing ok. I'm currently in P.I.G. This class is so boring. Next is
lunch though so i get to see Bethanie . I miss you! how was your
interview?" I texted back. "Awwww I'm so sorry to hear that babe. The
interview went great. I couldn't stop blushing because I was thinking
of you. The boys kept laughing at me xx" he texted back. "Awwww that is
so cute! Well the bell just rang. I gtg. Ill text you in lunch :) bye
babe" I texted back. I went down to the lunchroom. Everyone was looking
at a this mornings newspaper. "What is everyone reading?" I asked
Bethanie . "The newspaper took sky shots of us with Harry and Niall
yesterday. You can't see our faces but they are of us" she said. In the
lunch line, I herd some girls saying stuff like "Look at that girl with
Harry! She looks so ugly! I wonder who she is and why he would even go
out with her." I also herd a conversation and one of the girls said "It
must have been a pity date. She looks so gross." I ran to my table
trying not to bring attention to myself. I sat down and looked at my
phone. I had one new voicemail. The voicemail said " HEY SHERRI! IT'S
LOUIS! I took your boyfriends phone! HAHAHAHAHA! Hey Sherri! It's Liam!
How are the shoes? SHERRI GIRL! It's Nialler! What's up? Hows Bethanie?
Tell her I miss her! SHERRI GIRL! Vas Happening! Sherri babe! I'm sorry
they stole my phone and called you. Well anyways. I Love ya babe! See
you at three! I have a suprise for you (all the boys in the backround
were saying awwwww) bye!" I played the voicemail for Kalie and she
laughed hysterically. I texted Harry "Awww babe. That made my day! I
love you and the boys so much!" He quickly responded "I'm glad you
liked it and I love you too xx!" The bell rang. The next two periods
went by quick and it was finally the last period. It was science. I
love science but this teacher was so slow and this was always the
longest period of the day. I was still texting Harry. "Babe! It's the
last period of the day! It's almost three! So what are we doing at
three?" I texted. "I can't tell you babe. It's a suprise! And I know!
Time has flown by and I can't wait to see your beautiful face at three!
I Love you xx!" he texted. It was almost the end of the period when he
sent that. "Sherri! Are you texting in my class!" said Mr.Robertson.
"I'm so sorry" I said ashamed. "Well why don't you come up and read it
to everyone then. Come on up." I walked up with my head down. I read
the text out loud. "OOO it seems as if Sherri has a boyfriend. Why
don't you tell us who it is Sherri" he said with at very loud volume.
Kalie looked at me and then put her head down. "His names Harry" I said
very timidly. The bell rang and I ran out as fast as I could crying.

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