just seems like a dream


19. sadness

 It took me only a matter of minutes to get there. As soon as I
arrived, Louis was waiting outside for me. He came up to me and hugged
me. "Sherri, I hope he’s ok. No one is telling us a thing. All we know
is he’s not in great shape. He’s my best mate Sherri!" Louis said with
tears running down his cheeks. I hugged him tightly. Louis walked me
inside where the boys were. As soon as I walked in, you could tell the
boys had been crying. Their faces were red and puffy. Niall was on the
phone crying to Kalie. I wen't over and sat by Louis and Liam and sat
down. "Which one of you is here for Mr. Styles?" a nurse said. We all
raised our hands. "Well only one is a loud in the room right now. Which
one of you will it be?" she asked. The boys all huddled and began to
talk. After they were done, they came over to me. "Sherri" Louis said,
"We have decided to have you visit Harry first." My mouth dropped. I
hugged all of the boys with tears in my eyes. "Thank you" I whispered.
"Follow me" the nurse said. I followed her closely behind

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