just seems like a dream


15. party time!

As soon as we got into the car, I leaned over and kissed Harry.
Eventually, we were making out. He was such a good kisser. Every time
we kissed, I felt like I was flying. It was an amazing feeling. We
stopped making out and started to drive to the hotel. Harry grabbed my
hand in the car and kissed it. "I love you Sherri" he said. "I love you
too" I responded. We arrived to the hotel. When we parked, Harry jumped
out to open my door. He held my hand as we walked in. Paul was there to
meet us at the door. "Hello Harry. Hello Sherri" he said. "Hey Pauly!"
said Harry. "Now lets get you out of these school clothes and into
something more comfortable" Harry said. He opened up his door, walked
inside, and went straight to his dresser. He pulled out two pairs of
sweat pants. "Here. You wear these with the T shirt you bought today.
You can get changed in the bathroom and ill get changed out here. Ok?"
he said. I nodded and walked into the bathroom. I changed and waited
for Harry to say it was ok to come out. "Babe! I'm done! You can come
out!" he said. I came out and was surprised to see us matching. He came
up to me and hugged me. "Awe we look so cute together!" he said. He
took out his phone and took a picture. He put the picture on instagram.
We really did look cute. He then took another picture of me kissing his
cheek. He set that as his wallpaper and sent it to me so i can set it
as mine. "Whose ready for a party!!!!!!!!" screamed Louis outside of
our room. Harry and I walked out, holding hands, and herd a bunch of
"Awes! You two are sooo cute!." We walked down to the pool. The pool
area was empty but had balloons and chips and tables. Louis decided to
jump right into the pool, fully clothed. We all laughed. Naill ran
right for the food. Bethanie  ran after him and put a piece of cake in his
face. They laughed and kissed. They were so adorable together. Zayn
stayed far away from the pool. Liam decided to just lounge in a chair.
Harry and I decided to do the same. We moved our lounge chairs close
together so we could cuddle. Louis came right over and sat on us. He
then hugged us making us wet. "Look at this Sherri" Harry said. He
showed me the instagram picture. It had only been 10 minutes and it
already had five thousand likes and one thousand thirty five comments.
Most of them were good! A few bad but we didn't pay much attention to
it. I then got on instagram and commented "Awe they are so cute! Much
love." Harry read that and got a huge smile on his face. I then decided
to have a little fun and tweet all the boys. The tweet said "Hey I love
you guys sooo much! Can I please have a follow? HAVE MY BABIES! ;)."
Louis blurted out "Ha! This Sherri girl wants me to follow her. She
seems like a loser!" the boys all started laughing. They all followed
me. Louis tweeted me " NO! You're such a loser! JKJK love ya! ;)". I
blurted out laughing. Everyone looked confused but then received Louis
tweet and laughed with me. Louis decided to sneak up on Niall, pick him
up, and throw him in the pool. We all felt bad but couldn't help but
chuckle. Music started playing and we all got up to dance. We were all
just having fun. I then received a text from my mom. "Hun, I need you
home. It's getting late." I showed the text to Harry. He nodded and
said "Guys, we need to get going. Sherri's mom wants her home."
"I wanna go!" said Louis. "Me too" said Niall. "Me three! and four!" said
Liam and Zayn. Before we could say no, everyone was racing to get into
Harry's car. "Do you mind babe?" Harry asked. "Nope. Not at all. It's
time my family met my boyfriend and new best friends anyways" I said.
We hugged and Kissed. Then we hurried to the car.


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