just seems like a dream


2. OMG!

We lived in such a small town and to hear on the radio there was a
call in contest for one direction tickets and V.I.Ps was something
unheard of there. I immediately called with my phone. "Sorry your're
caller 4. Try again" said the radio station guy. I pushed redial as
quickly as i could. "Sorry you're caller 12. I started crying and tried
once more. When I called, i herd silence. At this point i was bawling.
"Hello?" I asked. "Hello who is this?" said the man on the phone.
"Sherri?" I replied. "Well Sherri guess what?" he said very energetic
like. "What?" I said all confused. "YOU'RE CALLER 20!!!" he yelled.
Bethanie and I screamed so loud people on the highway people herd us.
Bethanie and I looked at each other. We yelled and then started crying.
"We hope you girls have a good time at the concert tomorrow. Have a
good day!" he said. I gave them my information an we hung up the call.
Right after that we headed straight for the mall to shop.


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