just seems like a dream


20. my poor baby

"Miss, you can visit Harry but not for a long time. He’s in intensive
Care. Around 11 o'clock last night, He was driving and a drunk driver
ran into him. He has severe internal bleeding. We will have to wait for
more test results to come in" she told me. She led me to the room,
opened up the door, and left us alone. There was my love, sitting
there, silent and sleeping. As soon as I saw him, I cried. There was a
chair set up by his bed. I sat right next to him, not wanting to leave
his side. I took his hand into mine. He felt cold so I covered him up
in this blanket. "My poor baby. I'm so sorry. Please don't leave me. I
can't live without you" I said. It was sad speaking to him and not
hearing the sound of his angelic voice, his eyes sparkling, his smile,
just him being him. It hurts, no kills me to see him like this. Fifteen
minutes went by. Fifteen long and silent minutes. During those minutes
though, I refused to leave his side. "Miss, it’s time you should leave.
He’s not looking so good and he needs to be alone. We promise we will
call you when awakes or goes" she said. "GOES? GOES? WHAT DO YOU MEAN
BY GOES?" I screamed. "Well I don’t know how to put this but, we are not
sure he will make it. His test results are worse than we imagined. I'm
HIM!" I yelled. "I'm sorry. We will keep you updated though. I promise"
she said. "Well can at least have a few minutes then..." I said. I was
Bawling my eyes out. She nodded her head and walked out. "Harry! I love
you so much babe! Please don’t leave me. I don’t know how I can survive
without you. Please don’t leave me..." I said while bawling. I squeezed
his hand. I should try praying. "Oh god, I love you so much! I know
Harry and I were meant to be. Thank you for creating us two to be
together but please save him. I can’t lose him. I need him to carry.
Please hear my prayers!" I prayed. "Miss, Its time you leave now.”
She said. I got up, kissed him, and left with tears in my eyes. "Miss!
Miss! come back!" the nurse screamed.


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