just seems like a dream


22. leggo!

I woke up quite early. It was 6 am. Harry was still sleeping like the perfect angel he was. He looked so peaceful. I kissed his nose and got out of the bed. The feeling of being in a hospital creeped me out. I left room to find the nurse standing outside of the door. "Hello" I said to her. "Hello. How are you doing? I have some news to tell you" she responded. I just waited for her to say it. "Mr.Styles parents would like him home so he could be treated under the comfort of his family. He will be leaving later today" she told me. My heart dropped with sadness. "Thank You" I said and I walked away hurridly. I ran straight for the waiting room. I climbed in the chair and started to cry. "What's the matter?" A very familiar voice said while putting his hand on my shoulder. "Harry is going back to england later today. His family wants him back home." I said. "Awe babe, its ok. You will see him again soon hun. You have no idea how much he honestly loves you. If it were up to him, I think he would try moving here. He's so infatuated by you. We all love you and we won't let you just disapear from us" Louis said. I loved his wisdom. I became teary eyed and hugged Louis tightly. "Thank you" I said. "No thank you babe. Plus if we get rid of ya, I can't pick on ya anymore" he said. That was the Louis charm I was waiting for. I just laughed. "So whose going to tell Harry when he wakes up?" I asked. "Hm..I think Liam should. He has an amazing way with words. He can do it" he said. "Speaking of Liam, where are the boys?" I asked. "They are all in the gift shop. They are thinking of funny ways to spoil Harry" Lou said. "Isn't pranking your specialty sass master. Why arnt you down there?" I asked. "Oh I've already got his gift. I'm giving him me!" He said jokingly. We all chuckled. "Let's go see the others" I said. "Leggo!" Louis replied. We headded down.

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