just seems like a dream


10. "Hey babe"

*Baby you light up my world like nobody else* My phone rang. It was a
text from Harry. It said "Hey babe :) How are you? When you get up come
over with Bethanie to the hotel. X". I smiled and got ready. I called
Bethanie  and told her to come over. As soon as she come over, she told me
about her dream she had. "So, haha, last night i dreamed about Niall. I
really like him. He makes me so happy" she said. "Guess what?" I asked
her. "What?"she replied. "Harry asked me out last night!" I told her.
We both screamed of happiness. After this, we left for the hotel. I
went into Harrys room and Bethanie  went into Nialls. When I got into
Harrys room, He was sitting on the couch. He looked upset. 'Whats
wrong?" I asked. "We leave tomorrow.." he said. I was about to cry, but
I needed to be strong. I gave him a hug. *Ring, ring, ring* his phone
rang. He answered using very short words like "yup" and "mhm". He then
hung up and gave me a smile. "I have some news babe" he said. "What?" I
asked. "We don't need to leave for another three days!" he said. We
were both so happy we jumped up and hugged. "Babe?" Harry said with a
question tone. "Yes?" I asked. "I have to tell you something" he said.
"Yeah?" I asked. "I-I-I love you Sherri" he finally said. "What?" I
said. "I LOVE YOU! soooo much!" he said. He ran around saying "I Love
Sherri". He even opened up the window and yelled "I LOVE SHERRI!!" to
all the fans outside. I signaled him to come over to the couch. We
cuddled up on the couch. I didn't want to leave him, I felt so safe and
protected. "I love you too" I whispered. We kissed.

*Nialls POV*

  She walked through my door, as beautiful as ever. I had to catch my
breath because she took it right from me. "Hello" she said in such a
soft voice. "Hi hun, come sit next to me" I told her. She came over and
sat next to me. "There is something I need to say right now. If I don't
say it right now, I might not receive the courage to do it again" I
told her. She nodded so she wouldn't interrupt. "I really like you. I
had a dream about you last night. I honestly haven't felt this way
before. What I'm getting at it...Ummmm...Bethanie ....Will you be my girl?"
he finally asked. "I never thought you were going to ask. Of coarse i
will be your girl!" she answered right away. It felt so good to hear a
yes come out of her mouth. I could breath again. I never felt anything
else more amazing! I kissed her immediately. After we kissed, we just
cuddled on the couch and watched television. I held her tight, making
sure not to let her go. "I'm never going to let you go" I whispered in
her ear. She grabbed on to me tighter and we fell asleep

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