just seems like a dream


13. harry...

I ran right out of the school and straight to the parking spot where
I knew Harry was waiting for me. He was there leaning on his car. He
looked perfect. He was wearing a white T shirt, black skinny jeans, and
white converse. As soon as he saw me, his eyes lit up the way they
always do when he sees me. They sparkled like two perfect green
emeralds. The perfect smile followed shortly after. I ran right to him
and hugged him tight. "Babe, why were you crying?" he said worriedly.
He wiped the tears from my face and kissed my forehead. "My teacher
just embarrassed me in front of the entire class. He made me read your
text out loud" I said. He pulled me in tighter and gave me a kiss.
"It's ok Sherri,I might just have to have a word with him" he said.
"No. Please don't. Please babe. I can handle him" I pleaded. "Ok, I
won't. But if it happens again, I will talk to him. Ok?" I nodded and
me kissed again. He walked me around to the passengers side of the car
and opened the door for me. "Awe your such a gentleman" I said. He then
went over to the drivers side and got in the car. "Where are we going?"
I asked. "You will see" he said as he started the car. We drove off.

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