just seems like a dream


14. hanging with the "girls"

I was so impatient to see where we were going, but I didn't want Harry
to know so I just kept quiet. We ended up at a mall. "What are we doing
here?" I asked. "Well I have some friends meeting us up here and the
rest is still a surprise" he said. We got out of his car and walked
inside. As soon as we got inside, Harry took my hand into his. I just
smiled. He walked me to a shop. As soon as we stopped I herd a someone
shout my name. "SHERRI!! OMG! HEY GIRL!" was yelled. Suddenly, I was
being hugged from behind. It was Louis! "Hey Louis!" i said excitedly.
He then playfully messed with my hair. I gave him an angry look and he
started to apologize. We laughed it off. "Hey Sherri!" said a familiar
voice. It was Bethanie . She was holding hands with Niall. "Hey girl!"
Niall said. I gave him a high five. "Hey Sherri! Vas Happening!" said
Zayn. "Sherri girl! Hows the shoes?" Liam asked. The whole gang was
here and I felt as if I was with my best friends, because I really was.
Louis then decided to take my other hand and started to skip. "Come on
guys! lets go shopping!" he said. We all stated to skip in the mall. We
stopped at the T shirt shop. Harry and I got matching shirts. Louis and
I also got matching shirts that said "I love my bff" with arrows
pointing to each other. We started walking when some cute fans came up
and asked for some pictures. The boys were so sweet they took pictures
and gave autographs. I found it so cute. We then walked into Delia's.
They had this "I love Harry Styles" T shirt. I bought it and showed it
to Harry. He gave me a kiss and we started walking again. The next
place we went to was Debs. Bethanie  and I needed to try on dresses for the
school dance coming up. The boys watched us try on dresses. Then they
got into an argument on who would make a certain dress look better.
Bethanie  and I laughed. We left without buying anything. We then decided
to go eat. We all went into the hard rock cafe. Harry had a reservation
already under the name Scott Pilgrim. We all laughed. As soon as we sat
down, One thing started to play in the restaurant. Bethanie  and I laughed
while the boys started to sing. Our waitress came out and screamed. "OH
MY GOD! YOUR ONE DIRECTION AHHHHHHHHHH!" she yelled. She asked for a
picture with all of us, not just the boys. Bethanie  and I looked confused.
We weren't a part of the band but she insisted. After that, we place
our orders and our food came fast. We ate, left a tip, and left. We all
walked out to the parking lot. "Sherri! Come back to the hotel with us!
Please! We can party!" Louis said. "Ok haha sure why not" I replied. In
the parking lot, I saw those same girls from school, the ones who were
making fun of me. I ran to Harry's car. He thought we were paying a
game. He chased after me. When he caught up,he put is arms around my
waist. He then turned me around and kissed me. We got into the car.

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