just seems like a dream


7. freak time!

After the concert, Bethanie and I hurried backstage. We were stopped by
Andy, their security guard. "You're not aloud back here girls. Leave or
we will need to arrest you" he told us. "Paul told us to come back here
after the show" I told him. "That's what they all say. Now leave!" he
yelled. "No its okay. They are here with me" said a very familiar
voice. Coming down the hallway was Harry. At this point, my mouth
dropped. "Is this yours babe?" he asked in his very dreamy voice. "Um,
Um, yeah. I think it is" i said trying not to sound stupid. He pulled
out my ID and looked at it. "Yup definitely you. Nobody can pull off
being this beautiful" he said. I blushed. The accent was enough but he
was calling me beautiful. "Oh well thank you Harry" i said. "You're
very welcome babe" he said, making me blush even more. "So do you
ladies want to come backstage with us for a little while? We can all
hang out" he told us. Bethanie and I looked at each other and then we both
nodded our heads in unison. "Then come on. Follow me" he said. We

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