just seems like a dream


11. embarrasment

Sherri's POV*

  "Mates come on get up! Dont make me get Paul!" yelled Zayn as he was
frantically knocking on the door. "Harry, Niall, WAKE UP MATES! You
need to get up now! We have to go and do an interview! C'MON! It's 6
"You guys, were going to be late. Please wake up!" said Liam. After
Liam spoke, I immediately woke up. "Harry babe! You need to get up. You
guys have an interview soon and I have school. Please get up" I said.
Nothing. He was still sleeping. That didn't work. "Hmmmm" I thought to
myself. I then leaned over and kissed him. After that kiss he woke up
and said "I've been up for an hour. I didn't want to wake you but I
also didn't want to get up without kissing you first." "Awwwww" I said.
I kissed him again. "So babe, do you want to go to the interview with
us today?" he asked. "I'm so sorry but I can't  :(. I have to be to
school in half an hour. I brought my school clothes with me so I need
to start getting ready" I responded. "I will take you to school babe"
he said. "No that's ok. You don't have to" I said. "But, I want to. So
can I take you to school? Pretty please" he asked. I looked straight
into ho his eyes. They were so perfect. I nodded then leaned into to
kiss him again. No matter how many times we kiss, it always feels like
the first time. It is the best feeling in the world. "Well you should
get ready. I'm going to leave the room so you can get ready. I will go
downstairs and meet me for breakfast ok?" he said. I nodded. He kissed
me again and then left the room. Someone tried running into the room.
"Harry go, I'm getting dressed" I said. It was Bethanie . She was already
for school. "Oh my god. Last night was amazing! Niall asked me out.
After that, we just laid on the couch and cuddled until both of us fell
asleep. It was amazing! well until Louis woke us up by tackling us" she
said. I just had to laugh. I was all ready just needed my shoes. I
looked in my bag and couldn't find them. "They have to be in there.
Just take everything out" Bethanie  said. I took everything and shook my
head. "I must have left my shoes at home. I cant leave without my shoes
and I cant leave barefoot" i told her. "I have an idea" Bethanie  said. She
quickly got on her phone. "Hey Harry. We have a little problem. Sherri
forgot her shoes at her house yesterday. Yeah. Ok see you in a few.
Bye!" In a matter of minutes Harry was back. "Awww babe I'm sorry" he
said. Following him were the boys. We were all in the room together
now. "What is the matter mate?" Louis said. "Sherri forgot her shoes at
home and she can't go to school or outside without shoes" harry said. I
felt so embarrassed because everyone was in the room because I forgot
my shoes. "I will let her borrow a pair of mine" said liam. I looked at
Liam. "Thank you". I said. I hugged him. Liam ran and grabbed the pair
of shoes. I put them on and surprisingly they weren't to big. Harry and
I rushed down to his car and left. He drove me to school. I asked him
to drop me off not exactly at the school because I didn't want him to
get mobbed. "Well I have to get going" I said not wanting to leave.
"Here" he said. He handed me his watch. "What is this for?" I asked.
"Wear this today. I will be at this exact spot at 3. Wear my watch.
That way i am at school with you until we can see each other again" he
said. I shook my head and kissed him. "I love you Sherri" he said with
a smile. "I love you too babe" I told him. I left his car, put on his
watch, and walked into school.


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