just seems like a dream


17. drama!

*Harrys P.O.V*

  We went straight to the hotel. The boys were so hyper in the back. "No
more sugar for you guys" I said jokingly. We arrived to the hotel and
we went inside. Paul was waiting at the door for us, he didn't look
very happy. "Hey Paul" we said. He pointed at our rooms and we knew we
were in trouble. We walked right up to our rooms. As soon as I got to
my room, I texted Sherri. "Hello beautiful xx" I texted her. "Well
hello handsome" she replied. I sat on the couch in the room just
texting her. I became thirsty and decided to go get myself a water. I
walked out of the room to the vending machine. "Hello sexy" I herd
someone say. "Um hello?" I responded. Out from the darkness appeared my
ex. "What are you doing here Caroline!" I asked angrily. "I flew here
as soon as I found out where you guys were staying. I miss you soo much
Harry. I cry at night because I miss you so much" She came up to me and
tried to hug me. "Get away from me Caroline!" I demanded. "Why Harry? I
know you still love me! even though you are seeing this small town
girl. What’s her name? Shelbie?" she said. "It’s Sherri and I honestly
love her!" I responded. At that moment she came up to me and kissed me.
We kissed for a minute. I realized what was happening and pulled away.
"What was that!" I yelled. "See Harry I knew you still loved me" she
said. At that moment I received a text message from Sherri. "Harry...I
Want to let you know I love you so much. I honestly can't tell you how
Much i do. You are amazing and I'm so happy I am the one you love.
Loving you is the greatest feeling I have ever encountered. I know
tomorrow you leave and tomorrow is the last day I will see you for a
while, but I know our love will remain strong. I love you Harry.  " I ran away and started to cry. I needed to get away so I hopped
right in my car and drove off. It was pouring rain outside. I didn't know
where I was going, I just knew I needed to get out. It was really hard
to see the road. I stopped at a red light. It turned green and I
started to drive through. At that moment, everything turned black and

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