just seems like a dream


6. concert time

It was time for the concert!!!!! We were all so pumped! little did
Bethanie and I know, We had front row tickets! We went into the venue and
freaked when the guy showed us to our seats. We were front row and dead
center, the best place to watch a show! The countdown started and as
soon as the waves rolled in, we screamed. "Were like NA NA NA, Then
were like Yeah Yeah Yeah" went the song. We were screaming! it was
amazing! the boys were literally right over or heads singing their most
beautiful harmonies. The concert kept going on and we kept enjoying our
self's. Gotta Be You came on and of coarse Harry changed the lyrics to
"scooby doo" and it made us all laugh. We were so close we herd Louis
singing along with a harmony we have not been able to hear before. It
was breath taking. Niall came over and winked into Bethanie camera. I
swear I saw Bethanie turn redder than the apple he was eating. The last
song was about to start when Harry needed to say something. Right then
and there he held up a purse that looked just like mine. I looked to my
side and I didn't have mine on me but maybe I left it in the car. "This
purse was left in the arena during sound check. Does it belong to any
of you?" Harry said and the crowed went wild. Harry went in my purse
and first found a camera. He took a few photos and then a photo of
himself. He then found a wallet. He told security the name on the ID.
Harry then pointed at me. Paul then came up to me and told me I'm
needed backstage after the show. Bethanie and I freaked out!

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