just seems like a dream


8. backstage

We followed Harry to where the boys were. As soon as we arrived to
their dressing room, they were all there. Liam walked right up to Bethanie
and I. "Oh hey! I know you girls! You were both in the front tonight.
Did you enjoy? he asked us. "Oh yes it was really amazing. Thank you"
Bethanie replied. "No thank you for supporting us" Liam told us. The next
thing we saw was Zayn and Louis sitting on the couch talking. We didn't
want to bother them because they looked so into their conversation.
"Hey babes" Louis yelled. "Hello" we said. They went back to their
conversation. "Mmmmmm! I'm so hungry! This food is sooo delicious!"
Niall said behind us. He was eating take out from Nandos. "Oh wow! who
is this pretty lady." Niall asked. He was looking at Bethanie. "I'm Bethanie"
she told him. "Bethanie? I should have known. Such a beautiful name for a
beautiful girl" he told her. Bethanie was majorly blushing at this point.
Niall held out his hand for Bethanie to grab. They walked away together.
"So it's just us" Harry said. I replied with a simple "yup". Harry held
out his hand. "Come with me" He said. "I want to take you somewhere". I
took a hold of his hand. He took me on the rooftop. You could see
everything from up there. It was beautiful. The stars and the moon were
out and lighting up the sky. "Come over and sit with me" he said. I
came over and sat right next to him. We talked about everything and
anything. I looked into his eyes. Everything felt like a dream.

*Harrys POV*

   She is so beautiful. Her long brunette hair, her beautiful blue eyes,
and her smile twinkled in the moonlight. This was perfect. I felt
myself liking her more and more with every breath she took, every word
she said, every laugh and smile. I didn't want to lose her. I wanted to
be there for her. Sure I have felt this way before but not like this.
"This place is so beautiful" she said. "Yes it is and so are you" I
said. After I said that, I received butterflies in my stomach. She had
kissed me on the cheek. I was blushing so bad. I leaned in and kissed
her cheek as well. The butterflies were so bad but they felt so right.
I didn't want to leave this moment.

*Sherris POV*

  "We should head down now. Paul is probably worried about me" Harry
said. I nodded my head not wanting to leave this moment. He took my
hand and we headed down to the room. Louis and Zayn were still talking.
Liam was on his phone tweeting. Niall and Bethanie came back. "Hey guys.
What were you doing?" Harry asked. "Oh just watching the food channel"
Niall answered. Bethanie and I laughed. *Ring, ring, ring* Went Bethanies
phone. "I'ts my mom, Sherri we have to go" Bethanie  said the words I
dreaded. "I guess we have to go" i told Harry. "Can I have your
number?" he asked. "Sure" I said. I found a marker and wrote it on his
hand. "Can I have yours?" I asked. "You already have it" he said. I was
all confused. I didn't have his number. "Check your phone" he told me.
On the screen was a message "hey babe, text me sometime ;)xHarry".
"Okay well I guess I will talk to you later then. Bye Harry" I said.
"Bye Sherri" he said. We left.

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