My Valentines Day with Zayn Malik!!!



1. Perfect Valentines Day

Me and my friend Maci were walking down the sidewalk together complaining how it was Valentines Day and neither one of us had a boyfriend. She was saying something about how the quarterback of the football team so has a crush on me, but I stopped her and said look over there. "Who is that?" She asked. It looks exactally like Zayn Malik from One Direction. I Screamed at her. She kept trying to tell me that I was seeing things but I know what I saw. Out of no where I hear someone singing and I immidiately know that voice. I turn around and see Zayn Malik standing behind us singing Gotta Be You and looking straight at me. I almost faint and I turn to my friend and said "I told u so!!" He stands up and walks over to me and with his British accent looks me in the eyes and says, "Hey beautiful, what is your name?" I blurt out, " My name is Autumn!!" He says,"Thats a beautiful name!!" I say "Thank You" He says " Do you wanna hang out with me today since its Valentines Day and a beautiful girl like you shouldnt be alone on Valentines Day??" I scream, "YES!!!" The rest of the day I hang out with Zayn Malik and officially say "THIS WAS THE BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER!!!"


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