Auctioned Off

It was the monthly auction.My first month here and I'm gonna be auctioned off to some guy I hardly know.25 girls are picked and whoever is picked Number 1, is auctioned the highest.And Number 1 has to be the hottest girl in school.And I was Number 1...
Will Maya be able to survive to weeks with her best friends brother?Read to find out...


2. Who is Number 1?

2 days later

"Maya, we need to go see whos been picked!Lets hope its us!" Gemma said dragging me to the board.

"I cannot believe you two actually signed up." Sapphire said.She didn't believe in these type of auctions or beauty pagents.I saw Niall at the sheet, and started blushing.

"I take it you girls signed up then?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah.Just for fun though" I bit my lip.He took a look at the sheet, and said to me,

"Looks like your gonna be mine for 2 weeks." With a sneaky wink.

"Maya!Come quick!" Gemma shouted to me.People were staring at me as I struggled through the crowd.It was weird.Maybe it's because I'm still new.

"Look whos at Number 1!" I looked at number one and it said First Girl- Maya Dennis.That was me.It had my picture there, the one in Dubai of me with my hair loose around my face, and no makeup, bikini top and shorts on, standing beside a really fancy hotel.I froze in my spot.I didn't come to senses until some girl pushed past me.

"Move it bitch!" She yelled.She looked at number one and turned to me.

"Close running.I'm Second Girl.Just watched your back First Girl." She pushed me and turned her heel on me.

"Uh, Gemma who picks the people for these?"

"That girls best friend Rihanna." Gemma pointed at a girl in a green cheerleading outfit, with bold red hair and blue eyes.She came over to me.

"Ah, Maya!My First Girl!Congratulations!Be at rehersals tomorrow after lunch, and Friday same time and Saturday and Sunday.Good luck!" She spun round, her bold hair hitting my face, and walked off with a group of girls.

"Gemma, come with me.I need to drop out." Gemma stopped me.

"You can't drop out.Once your in your in.And the cheerleaders will make sure your there, or else they do something to you.Don't drop out.Please." 

"Fine.What Number are you?"

"Seventh girl.Ugh..." We walked off with Sapphire.

That day went really fast.Then the next morning went even faster.It was time for practice.

"Hello girls and welcome to the rehersals of The Girlfriend Auction.As you all know, I am the host and outfit designer!Now, I'm going to call out your names in order starting with Twenty-Fifth Girl.Just shout here.Abby?..." Rihanna was shouting out names.When she got to First Girl I shouted here then we were all pulled up onto stage.It was kinda like a show, because some boys came in and watched.Niall came in.Rihanna done the fingers at him when he came in.

"Okay girls, I have chosen your outfits, girls come out please!" Rihanna clapped her hands as 3 girls came out in these horrible flashy outfits.A few boys whistled.

"Here are your outfits!" They were horrible.We had to wear these really short black denim shorts that go to just under your bum, see though white off shoulder tops, black bras that showed through and colourful (mostly white) Pineapple Dance high tops and black and white caps.

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