Auctioned Off

It was the monthly auction.My first month here and I'm gonna be auctioned off to some guy I hardly know.25 girls are picked and whoever is picked Number 1, is auctioned the highest.And Number 1 has to be the hottest girl in school.And I was Number 1...
Will Maya be able to survive to weeks with her best friends brother?Read to find out...


5. Too Fast?

After breakfast I went and got a shower and put on better looking clothes on.Niall had got changed too.When I saw him at breakfast he was only wearing pyjama bottoms.I left my phone on the table just past Niall and I got a text from someone.I went past Niall to get it, and once I had picked it up he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap.

"Niall!" I laughing because I was ticklish.Niall laughed too.I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes, and he looked into my bright green eyes.

"I never noticed how beautiful your eyes are." He leaned in and kissed me again.I really hoped we'd stay like this forever, but suddenly there was a knock on the door.Niall got up and answered it.It was Louis and Gemma.

"Can we come in?" Louis said whilst walking in.Him and Gemma were holding hands.Gemma came over to me and chatted with me.

"Are you and Louis... you know?" I asked.

"Yeah.And we... you know last night." She started blushing, and looked over at Louis who gave her a sneaky wink.

"Oh.My.Gosh.No.You.Didn't.Gemma!" I was shocked.Gemma said she'd it... until she got married.But she seemed happier than ever, so it was good for her.Suddenly the boys came over and scooped us up.

"Well, we just came for a quick chat.We'll be off now." Louis said and he took Gemma out.

"And we are going to my bed." Niall threw me onto his bed and hovered on top of me.

"Uh Niall, are you really gonna-" He cut me off by kissing me.And then you know what happens....

"Wow Niall, that was amazing." I said laying out of breath next to him.I was in my bra and knickers, and he was in his boxers.He rolled over to me and played with my hair.

"You were definatley worth £2.000." I still couldn't believe he bought me for £2.000.

"Why 2.000?I'm not all that pretty..."

"Yes you are.Your gorgeous.Your prettier than Rihanna, who I know has a crush on me."

"I-I-I'm prettier than her?You really think so?" I was so surprised.I had always thought Niall thought Rihanna was prettier.But he thought I was?

"Yeah you are." He smiled and pecked me on the lips, then left.I just lay there, in shock of what just happened.

All of us included in the Girlfriend Auction had to give our numbers to Rihanna.Every 2nd day, she text's us to see how were doing.Rihanna text me. From Rihanna T: How's it doing?You being nice to my Nialler?  To Rihanna T: Great I am being nice.He's being very friendly too actually we just had sex.Don't be surprised he said I was prettier than you ;).  What?We had to tell her the truth about whats happening.Her rules...

*Authors Note* Hey guys I'm not going to be updating for a while, I'm concentrating on my Take your love seriously  series.Sorry guys!xxx

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