Auctioned Off

It was the monthly auction.My first month here and I'm gonna be auctioned off to some guy I hardly know.25 girls are picked and whoever is picked Number 1, is auctioned the highest.And Number 1 has to be the hottest girl in school.And I was Number 1...
Will Maya be able to survive to weeks with her best friends brother?Read to find out...


1. The Girlfriend Auction

"Hey Maya!" My friend Gemma says when I sit down. 

"Hey..." I wasn't in a very good mood.

"Whats up Maya?"

"I'm just not that happy.I think you know why..."

2 days earlier

Me and my friends Gemma and  Sapphire were out for lunch.Then a group of boys from our school sit in the booth behind us.

"Harry?Do you have to sit here?" Gemma asked Harry.Harry was her brother.

"It;s the only seats left so yes!" He turned back round to his friends.They were really cute.Gemma told me their names were Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn.I really liked Niall.

"Ugh, brothers..." Gemma said.Gemma and Sapphie got into a conversation, but I just sat there.I sat back and I was right behind Harry and his friends so I heard there conversation.Harry was saying something about bidding for the first girl...

When me and my friends left, we dropped Sapphie off at her house.I was staying the night at Gemma's, so I decided to ask her what Harry was talking about.

"Gemma, don't think I was eavesdropping or anything, but I over heard your brother talking to his friends and he said something about bidding for the first girl.What was that all about?

"You don;t know what happens every month? Gemma looked shocked.

"No I don;t.What is it?"

"It's what make the school famous.Every month theres this think called the girlfriend auction.25 of the hottest girls in school are chosen to be bought by boys.If a boy buys you at the auction, then you have to stay at their house for 2 weeks being their girlfriend.The girl picked to be Number 1 is supposed to be the hottest girl in school, the one who will get most bids.I do it every month." Gemma explained.

"What?!That's unfair on the girls.What if a total creep buys them and rapes them?" I shouted a bit too loud.

"I never thought of it that way.But still I'm gonna do it again.Last month I was picked Number 3.I'm hoping for Number 1 this month!That reminds me I'm going to sign up just now.I just need to find a really hot picture of me.Can you help me decide?" Gemma grabbed her laptop and went onto the school website.

"Gemma!NO!You should.t do that!It's demeaning!" I grabbed the laptop from her.

"Yeah, but your crush can pick you!Imagine, Niall bidding highest for you, and when you go to his house, you end up kissing.And the next thing you know you-" I cut her off.

"Okay that's enough.I'm going to sign up.Only if you do it with me." I handed the laptop back to her, and she asked me all these questions that were required.

"Okay, I'll send in the photo of you.No questions of what one I pick.By the way, your picture goes up on the board next to your name when the sheet with the people for the Auction goes up.So I'll choose a pretty one." I then heard Gemma snigger behind her laptop.

"What?You better not be choosing an ugly one!"

"Don't worry!"

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