Auctioned Off

It was the monthly auction.My first month here and I'm gonna be auctioned off to some guy I hardly know.25 girls are picked and whoever is picked Number 1, is auctioned the highest.And Number 1 has to be the hottest girl in school.And I was Number 1...
Will Maya be able to survive to weeks with her best friends brother?Read to find out...


3. The Auction

The next few days past quickly.It was then Monday.Auction day.I had my bag packed with stuff for 2 weeks and I had my bra and high tops on.Me and Gemma were nervous.

"What if I don't get bid much?" Gemma said.

"It doesn't matter, the guy won't talk to you afterwards anyway." That brought Gemma's hopes down.We went back stage to get ready.I decided to leave my blonde hair down, and I put on a little mascara, little lipgloss and some cover up.I was ready.

Rihanna called everyone out first, so the boys could see who they are bidding for.I saw Niall in the front row.With his friends.I flashed a smile and a few boys whistled.Rihanna told us always smile and put one hand on your hip and sexy pose.Then we all went backstage except for Twenty-Fifth Girl.We were called on one by one.Then she called Seventh Girl.

"Good luck Gemma!" I said hugging Gemma.She walked on stage the way Rihanna had taught us too, pointing our toes and showing off our legs.Gemma walked back in after her auction.

"I was bought for £200!" She said proudly.

"By who?" 

"Thats the bad part.Louis.I mean hes cute and all but my brother is always there, so I'll see him a lot." She frowned.

"If you get a cutie wanna swapsie?" She batted her eyelashes at me.

"Only If I get someone I don't want." They finally called First Girl.Me.I went on stage, remember everything Rihanna had told us.Straight back, hand on hip, smile and show of the legs.It was simple.My bid was started off at £450.£450?Who'd pay that much for a girlfriend for 2 weeks?Actually quite a lot.11 boys bidded for me.Until Niall stood up at the front.

"£2.000!" He shouted.The other boys sat down.

"2.00 going once, going twice, SOLD to Niall Horan!" Rihanna said.Niall had bought me!He went up to pay, while I went backstage.

"Who bought you how much?" Gemma asked.All the girls crowded round waiting for an answer.

"Niall Horan bought me for £2.000!" Gemma cheered.A few other girls did too, but some of them called me a slut and walked off.I got changed back into my black skinny jeans and orange SuperDry hoodie and went out to see Niall.

"So uh, I guess I'll see you after school?"

"Yep.Meet me out front." He walked off to his next class.

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