Auctioned Off

It was the monthly auction.My first month here and I'm gonna be auctioned off to some guy I hardly know.25 girls are picked and whoever is picked Number 1, is auctioned the highest.And Number 1 has to be the hottest girl in school.And I was Number 1...
Will Maya be able to survive to weeks with her best friends brother?Read to find out...


4. Staying with Niall.

I met Niall out front.He was waiting for me.

"Were you waiting long?" I asked.

"Not long.Come on, we're meeting up will Louis and Gemma later." Yes!I was going to meet up with Gemma!At least I'd have some comfort during this hell ride.

Niall took me to his house.He lived alone, which made me a bit nervous.But I had to do as he said, he bought me at the auction.I don't know why I was nervous.I had a crush on this guy, and I was now his girlfriend for two weeks!Niall tried to keep conversation up the whole ride, but it was hard.So he put on some music.

We got to his house.We still had a few hours till we were meeting up with Louis and Gemma, so we decided to watch a movie.We were still silent.Then Niall shot up.

"Okay, listen your supposed to be my girlfriend for 2 weeks and were not even talking."

"Well, what do you want to do?We still got over an hour." Niall sat back down, closer to me.He put his hand on my leg.I turned to face him and so did he.Out of nowhere, he started leaning in to kiss me.I didn't protest and let him.It was amazing.It was passionate.I thought it would mean nothing to him, but after a few seconds he pulled away, smiling, his hand still on my leg.

*Authors Note* Hey guys hope your liking this so far, just wanted to say sorry, but I'm gonna skip a few days into this.I want to speed it up.I'm only speeding it up a day so don't worry.

I woke up the next morning, feeling happy and refreshed.I remembered our kiss last night.I looked at my phone and saw the time was 9:30am.I was late for school!I chucked on some clothes and ran downstairs.Niall was in the kitchen eating and watching something on the little telly.

"Morning.I don't think anyone told you but when you are in the Girlfriend Auction or have bidded for someone then you don't go to school." Now I was told.

"Oh.I thought I was late." I said sitting down on a stool.

"Want some frosties?" He asked pushing the packet towards me.

"Sure"I poured a bowl and eat it in minutes.

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