I am finally in love

It is we're a girl called Gracie and a boy called Ethan make love but thy loads of fallouts and arguments so will they get to get to get her and all of this happens in there secondary school buddy gamer academy


4. After there lesson

After there mathes lesson finished as Gracie walked out the classroom door out into the playground to go home then Ethan ran after her and then he tapped gracie on her back then gracie turned around and said what do you you want then Ethan was just about to ask her when all the rest of the kids gathered round them but Ethan didn't care so he said gracie London will you be my girl freind me Ethan sandbanks then all the other kids all said ooooooohhhhh then Gracie ran as fast as she could home the next morning Gracie told ethan to meet her after lunch in the dark room so when it came to lunch ethan was in the dark room waiting for Gracie then she walked in and said the answer to your question yesterday the answer is yes so Ethan said yes in loads and loads of joy and excitment.
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