Remember Yesterday

Serenity is forced to face a death; a death of not her life, but her love. and in the midst of being lost, she is found by her dead loves best friend, but all she really wants is to have Eric back, to hold her, and to tell her everything will be okay. This story may be described as a roller coaster of emotions. Prepare to come along for the ride.


2. All That Remains


  The beginning it was on that freezing winter Saturday, the fog in the air a sea of smoke and natures fumes, in the belittled town of Alma Missouri, a simple-minded place where nothing bad ever happened, where everyone went to church on Sunday, and no questions were asked. It darkens me to recall the torturous wreckage in which unfortunately followed such a morning.

      I do remember the burning Oder of the rain as I ventured few steps out of the lonely door frame,and into the cold air in which set my nostrils ablaze. The compression of the auburn leaves below my feet flew away as I raced towards my love. His bonny smile seemed to brighten my day, and I could feel the tension of love slowly seaming into every stitch of his skin. Little I knew though, that last was then that i would see such a beautiful, masculine grin upon Eric's lovely, olive face.

      Tragedies can not be prevented. It's god's way of informing us that he isn't concerned with our feelings or our lives. It all is such a murderous rescue; such a loving hate. I could not continue to exist knowing that my love was gone, and there went my heart as well. My heart is the control of my life, without it, is there a point to live? I was but a mere lady of seventeen, why must I have carried such heavy burdens? Why must I have been the one to suffer; to live?

    Months went by, and day after day I remained isolated in my room, drowning the world out with the sounds of the heavy tunes in which Eric used to sing along to. There was a loud knock on my door in which i could not perceive for the guitar solo rang so true into my vulnerable eardrums. When I did not answer, my good friend Gabriel measured his way into the hell hole, and he retreated by my side, pulling the plug out of my ear and brushing my dirty blonde hair out of my smokey grey eyes, forcing me to deal with the deathly confusion of reality.

      "Serenity, this has been going on for far to long. You must learn to cope with what has happened. I understand-" He tried cooing before I rudely interrupted.

    "You don't understand! You couldn't possibly understand!" I shouted to the top of my fragile lungs.

    "He was my best friend! You don't think that I miss him too?, that I loved him too? Well, I have news for you. The world isn't over. Eric always got everything he wanted, even if it did hurt me! He knew that I was in love with you and he just took you away, and now he just had to go and take his own life didn't he?!" He screamed as he started weeping into his hands which were horrifyingly  pulling his raven hair in frustration.

      I didn't know what else to do, so I just lay down beside him and began to weep as well, thinking little of the fact he had just noted that he was in love with me. We were all hurting, and I didn't want to make things any more worse than I already had on everyone around me. All of my friends and family were already concerned that I might take my own life as well. I did blame myself. We had fought an hour before it happened on some little something we wouldn't have remembered the next day, but I knew in my heart that it was no ones fault, or perhaps it was and we were all just lying to ourselves about what had happened.

      I got up from the messy bed, and slowly walked out of my room, and then out of my house and into the ghastly winter air, wearing nothing but my night cloths to keep me warm. I needed time alone, to consider what all had happened in the past few months, and hopefully Gabriel would respect that.      I remember finding his bleeding body, along with the suicide note in his room where it all had happened. His heart wounded by the knife left jabbing out of his chest, and my heart wounded as well. The note reading "And then forever." leaving only me knowing the message that was sent. This image replayed over in my head until my body got too numb to bear the cold any longer, and I headed back to my house, but it would never be a home. For home is with the ones that you love the most, and so then my home was death, but death I could not conquer, for I would not put such a burden on my family, or yet another death on Eric's.     

   Gabriel met me half way to my house, and blanketed me inside of his heavy, leather jacket. Usually I would protest, but the warm stitches of wool seemed to be thawing out the ice sickle in which my body had become. I whispered a faint "Thank you" through cracked lips and blistered lungs, trying to hold back the warm tears that were to come streaming down my porcelain face, and cause Gabriel to weep as well. Quite enough tears had been shed, and maybe Gabriel was right. I needed to cope, but how? coping could only be achieved by ones left with hearts, and my heart, along with my faith, was long gone, but my tattered soul remained inside of my fragile flesh unsolved.

      The most disastrous; lovely thing happened then.... a kiss he stole upon my cold, dead lips, so sweet and comforting yet somehow dreadful, for then Eric's lips were no longer the last on mine, and then a flood it caused within my eyes, and two floods then erupted between two misguided souls, leaving us two a love of mourning and tragedy. Nothing good would wonder our way, but for a moment I didn't care, for when I looked up to Gabriel, all I saw was Eric's face, and all I could do was smile, and smile back he did. 

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