Remember Yesterday

Serenity is forced to face a death; a death of not her life, but her love. and in the midst of being lost, she is found by her dead loves best friend, but all she really wants is to have Eric back, to hold her, and to tell her everything will be okay. This story may be described as a roller coaster of emotions. Prepare to come along for the ride.


1. Say Hello to Memories (Prologue)


  Flooding through my mind are the memories of the way I would catch him looking at me from afar. I do recall that panic feeling in which caused my heart to stop when his eyes met mine on the very first day. They were like thick pools of emerald green illuminated by the morning sun, pulling me in, drawing me towards him, and before I knew it I was walking his way,and I was unable to halt my feet from reaching their destination. His lips gracefully curved into a somehow crooked yet perfect smile, which caused my heart to flutter out of my chest and into the air then back again. There was only one word I could mold into my mind and whisper so softly out of my heavy, nervous lips.

  "Hello" I said, an idiotic mess,as I was doe eyed over a stranger, and from that day forward, there has been no one else.   Now no one at all shall be by my side. The only thing that remains are memories of the compassion and love in which we shared. He has left me all alone, and left he has this world as well.

  What is death? Some sick reality of torturous mourning? It seems to be that what is lost is gone, and what is gone is never really lost. For all, unbearable, but most still have hope. Tell me, how does your heart break even more, when you have lost it years ago. If your heart belongs to the one who is gone, then isn't gone your heart as well? Then, left heartless you are, maybe that is why you can not speak, but without a heart you can not live. So why am I standing on my own two feet?

    They say that time will heal my pain, but all I feel is numb.  So what heals the numbness of one without a heart?  I am one of mere flesh and soul. It is time to say goodbye to reality, and say hello to memories, for they are all I've ever known, and all I hope to have knowledge of. Without his love, I am a mere blemish on the beautiful face of life, ugly and wished to disappear.

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