Every time I'm near you I get butterflies. I guess I'm falling for you.


3. Movie Night

Sawyer threw me a baggy t-shirt. I quickly got changed out of my wet clothes and into the top Sawyer had thrown me. It was quite baggy so it was like a very short dress. Sawyer threw on a pair of lounge pants and left his top off. He had a six pack. I found myself staring at him. I quickly looked away. He grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the bed. I ended up falling on top of him, almost every part of our body touching apart from our lips which soon were touching. I rolled over so I was next to him, resting my head on his chest. He played with my hair for a bit. "Hey let's watch a film!" he shouted.

"TED!" I screamed. He put it on and whenever there was a rude part he would cover my eyes. I giggled and sat up. He moved his hands so they were still covering my eyes. I slapped his hands away and kissed him. We ended up kissing for about 5 minutes. For most of the film we were flicking food in each other's mouth. 

"Uh do you want to stay  at mine tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah! Wait won't your parents mind?" I asked. Tears pricked at his eyes.

"My parents died. I live on my own.." he whispered. I hugged him tightly and texted my mum to tell her.

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