Every time I'm near you I get butterflies. I guess I'm falling for you.


1. I Will Not Fall In Love

A new start at a new school. I had made various promises to myself such as focusing on work, eating healthily, going to the gym in our sports hall at lunch everyday and the most important one. I could not fall in love for a year. Boys had broken my heart too many times before.

I had been in a 2 year long relationship then I saw a text on his phone from a girl saying she had enjoyed their date and she loved him. I cried for 2 whole weeks. I stopped eating. I even cut myself.

After a month of hell I decided that he would not break me. I started skiving off school, deleted all traces of our relationship. Eating more and stopping cutting were hard but I did it. Eventually my mum found out about me not going to school. It had been 3 months and I was healthier and happier. She let me move schools after I told her all that had happened. I didn't tell her about the cutting, I didn't want to worry her. We got practically a whole new wardrobe and equipment and signed up for a new school. It was further away but there were plenty of bus routes that stopped right outside the school. And that is why I am here.

I hopped off the school bus and swung my bag over my shoulder. I walked slowly to Reception, kicking gravel with my scruffy old Converse. "Uh..I'm Crystal Brown and I'm the new student." I mumbled through the glass. The receptionist handed me a map and timetable. 

"Sawyer Hallsworth will be showing you around. He is in all of your classes." the receptionist said in a clear voice. Suddenly a boy with black hair swept across his face came running in. He had snakebites and huge nerd glasses which were for fashion, not sight.

"Hi, I'm Sawyer!" he panted, holding his arms out for a hug. I quickly hugged him. He smelled so good.

"I'm Crystal." I blushed. Oh god. I was falling for him. No Crystal. Bad. He led me outside to a huge fountain. 

"I don't really have any friends so I suppose it's just me and you." he mumbled, looking sad.

"That's fine!" I chirped. He smiled at me. I pushed my hair up and took my leather jacket off. I looked down and when I looked back I was sure Sawyer was looking at me but he looked down again. Suddenly a group of jocks came over, one particularly tall one at the front. He stood, towering over me and Sawyer who were sat down. 

"What's a gorgeous girl like you doing with a geek like Sawyer?" he asked. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up against him. He pulled my closer and started feeling down my back, his friends all laughing. His target was obvious. 

"Get your filthy hands off of her!" Sawyer growled.

"No!" the jock shouted, nearly at his destination. Sawyer, who was as tall as the jock but not as muscular slapped him across the face, making a red handprint on his cheek. He let go off me and glared at Sawyer. "You win this time but you better watch out!" he shouted. People were staring now. I ran over to Sawyer and hugged him tightly. 

"Thank you!" I breathed.

"No problem Crystal." he whispered  back.

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