His Keeper.

He needs help.
She takes care of him.
He can't go a day without her.

He gets angry.
She's scared.
He's aggressive.

He's shy.
She's soothing.
He's calm.

He's romantic.
She loves him.
He loves her.



1. Chapter 1

I smiled looking down at my phone. I sat up and got off my bed, stuffing my phone onto my pocket.
Running down stairs, I entered the big, modern living room, humming lightly to myself. I stopped, in the middle of the lounge.

" Jacob, Jamie!" I called, fumbling with my nails. A loud sound of clattering came from upstairs, like a herd of elephants. A massive crash boomed around the house, followed by the sound of my brother cussing. I rolled my eyes at how clumsy they were. The creaking of the stairs became louder and louder until both my brothers appeared in the door way, Jamie holding his arm.

"You called, dear sister of mine" Jacob said on an English accent. Well, tried. " am I aloud to go out with Caitlin please?" I batted my eyelashes pleadingly. I didn't take long for them to make a decision though. "No" they said in unison, not a single spec of emotion on there face. " what, why not!?" I whined. Jamie rolled his eyes " you know why! You know your not aloud out after 9, you don't know what's around the corner!" He sighed, crossing his arms across his chest. My brothers were so over protective sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I loved them to bits, and its really sweet how they always look out for me but....I don't know....there too over protective sometimes.

"You guys treat me like I'm 5! Why can't I go out! I'm only walking over to Caitlin's, ill be back before you know it!" I smiled pleadingly. Lies. The truth was, I was going to Caitlin's....But I was going to Alex Parkers house party. Everyone was invited....even the nerds of the school! The dye and time had been posted all over twitter and Facebook, so around....1,500 people would be there.

"No" Jamie cut in. I sighed. There was no way I was going to get past him. I stomped past them, purposely shoving there shoulders, only resulting me to hurting my shoulder. I cussed quietly, hoping my brothers wouldn't hear. "Hey! No swearing!" Jamie said sternly. I rolled my eyes, and continued to stomp up the stairs.

I slammed my bedroom door shut, making my lamp shake, and fall off my bedside table. I sighed, falling onto my bed and shoving my head into the pillow. I groaned and screamed into my pillow, letting all my anger out. Then a light bulb went off in my head. No I couldn't.....could I?

I couldn't sneak out?
But this is my only way out......
I smirked, liking the thought if being a rebel for the night. I was always good. Did my homework. Stayed in when I was told to.

I jumped off my bed a new form of exitment in me. I walked into my walk-in wardrobe and picked out a pair of dark blue short-shorts and a t-shirt with 'YOLO' printed on it. I also picked out some red converse to match with the top. I walked out of my wardrobe and over to my mirror. I applied about of blusher and mascara, but not too much. I put my hair down. It was naturally wavy, so it looked nice already.

I took a final glance in the mirror, and nodded. I looked good. Well, as good as I could get anyway. I grabbed my phone off my bedside table, and shoved it into my bra. I opened my window, a gust of wind flying through my long brown hair. I sat of the window ledge and dangled my feet. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes, ready to jump.



1- " Harriet!"
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