Washed Up ( Harry Styles LoveStory )

Living in a private, secluded part in Cape Cod has it's disadvantages. One being that news doesn't travel that well. So Clare, a shy, timid but beautiful eighteen year old girl didn't get the news when something tragic happened to One Direction.
Clare Carter felt constantly alone, with her parents constantly away on business trips. She received no attention, neither from family or friends. But that's another disadvantage of living where she does; friends. She doesn't have any. But when she saves somebody, who she found washed up in her back yard, will they give her the attention she needs? Or will they just walk out of her life like everybody else?


2. Authors Note!!!!


   Okay, so.. I've never written an authors note before, let alone a fan fiction. So yes, this is my first fan fiction! I really hope you like it, because I'm working really hard on it.

   Please comment if you like it, or hate it, it would mean so much to me! That was just the prologue, the proper first chapter is yet to come, so comment if you do want me to continue, because there's no point in me writing this if no one likes it. So, yeah.. I think that is all.. Okay, one question; What's your favorite 1D song off Take Me Home?? Comment, Like, Favorite and fan! I love you all!

   ~ The Cookie Eatin' Monsta ;)

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