Washed Up ( Harry Styles LoveStory )

Living in a private, secluded part in Cape Cod has it's disadvantages. One being that news doesn't travel that well. So Clare, a shy, timid but beautiful eighteen year old girl didn't get the news when something tragic happened to One Direction.
Clare Carter felt constantly alone, with her parents constantly away on business trips. She received no attention, neither from family or friends. But that's another disadvantage of living where she does; friends. She doesn't have any. But when she saves somebody, who she found washed up in her back yard, will they give her the attention she needs? Or will they just walk out of her life like everybody else?


1. Washed Up; Prologue



   I stared at the TV, not actually paying any attention to what was happening on the screen. I think I'm at the part where Jack and Rose first meet. I'm not sure. I'm not paying attention. All that I can think about is that my parents are leaving again today on yet another business trip. But it's okay I guess, I constantly feel alone anyways. 

   See, I live in a secluded, private part in Cape Cod, so when my parents aren't there, I have nobody to turn to. No friends. No family. But it's fine, I've learned to keep to myself. I rarely talk to anyone, not even my own parents.

   My thoughts were interrupted as I heard the sound of my mothers Gucci heels smacking off the tile flooring become louder and louder until it suddenly stopped. I tore my gaze from the screen, pausing it in the process, and looked at my mother in a business suit, designer heels and little makeup. I had to admit, even though I rarely talked to my parents, and disliked them more than I should have, I've always thought my mother was amazingly beautiful. She had black, curly hair that was always perfectly styled into a bun, and shockingly blue eyes, that I inherited. Me? Well I have wavy, blonde hair, much like my fathers until his turned grey, and I also I have blue eyes, but around my pupil is a golden ring that I have always loved. 

   " Clare, sweetie, come say goodbye to your mother," she said, spreading her arms out. I sighed quietly, set the remote down on the coffee table, and walked towards her. I hugged her gently, because she was so thin that I'd thought I could break her if I held her too tight. Not that I'd mind. She's quite mean.

   " So, mother? When will you be back?"

   She sighed, something that has been happening a lot in this house, and grabbed her designer handbag.

   " Who knows. Probably a month or two. Bye, sweetie," she said as she ran out of the house as soon as she heard the limo pull up in the drive way. I stood there until I heard the thick wooden door slam shut. I'm alone. Again.

   Father was out on a business trip in the Bahamas, doing who knows what. I'm not exactly sure of what my parents work as. I've never been bothered to ask. 
Now mother is gone too. Flying off to Milan or Paris or somewhere fancy like that, while I'm here. Stuck in my boring home in Cape Cod.

   I stood there, contemplating on what I should do. I finally decided on going for a walk in my backyard. I grabbed a sweater and put it on over my tank top, and made my way out the back door. I walked down the narrow path until I reached the beach. I dragged my feet along the golden sand, savoring the feeling since I haven't felt it in days and smiled. I love this feeling.

   I walked up to the waters edge and looked down. The waters clear color began to turn dark as grey rain clouds hovered above me. It was a very cold day, considering it was summer. I think I heard something about a thunderstorm on the news, another reason I am jealous of my parents. I sighed and kept strolling along, looking at my feet as I did so. I had just painted my toe nails this morning, since I was so bored. They were an aqua color, much like my eyes.

   I hummed the words to a song I wrote a few months ago when I was lonely. I loved writing music, singing and dancing. It was my only escape from the lonely world that I live in. 

   Minutes later, Half way through my song, I notice something ahead of me. I squinted, trying to get a better look, but failed, as it was still too far away. My curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself quickly walking towards it. Only a few metres away, I discover what it is. Plaid shirt, khaki pants, curly brown hair. In front of me, lay a human...

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