"Treat your girl right or I will."Liam said to Niall."I think she Prefer's me, Since I didn't abuse Her!"Niall shouted.They were nearly face to face."Stop!"I said moving in between them."Niall I love you and Only You."I said and kissed his soft lips.I looked toward's Liam."Liam,I forgive you but Your Danielle's...."I said.Tear's streamed down his face and he looked at me."Fine..."He said and walked away.


7. Chapter 7:What is This!?!

*Liam's P.O.V*

I can't believe it!I hurt her,I hurt Amy....I need to stop.But it's to hard.What if I hurt her again?But she did notice me?It's not rite tho."Liam?"I heard Amy say as she walked in."Are you okay now?"She asked.I nodded.We have the whole week off so I called up Danielle."She said making me a bit pissed off."And?"I said."Oh.And You'll be staying with her,To get to know each other.And Niall is going to stay with me."She said.It's like she doesn't even want me!I mean I am Liam James Payne!Girl's practically Bow Down to my feet.Why worry about Amy?Oh yeah,Because I fell in love with her."You would want Niall to be here."I mumbled under my breath."What Liam!"She said."Nothing.When do I leave."I asked.I saw her a little hurt but she managed to brush it off."In 5 minutes."She said and turned around."You forgot to untie me!"I shouted."No I didn't,I'm going to untie you when Danielle come's."She said.

I sighed and waited.Finally there was a knock on the door.Amy came and looked at me.She ran over and untied me quickly.She opened the door and smiled.Wait what happened to her face?She was all clear?"Hey Danielle!"Amy said and gave in for a hug."Hey Dani!"I said and gave her a bear hug."Hey Liam and Amy!"She said cheerfully."So I'll be taking Liam now."She said."Of course!"Amy said and gave me two luggage bag's."Be safe you two!"Amy said as we were about to leave."Hey Amy!"Niall said and ran over to Amy and picked her up."I missed you Niall!"She said and kissed his cheek."I missed you too Amy!"He said and bit her Neck.She bit her lip and hugged him once again.He placed her down on the floor.I just looked and then Niall looked at me."Hey Mate."He said."Hi."I said simply.Niall looked at Amy and she looked worried.She came and walked over to Niall and intertwined her finger's with his."Liam."She said and took a deep breath."Niall's my Boyfriend."She said and Niall squeezed her hand occasionally."That's Great for you two."I said.

I can't believe this!I've been trying for Month's!Then Pretty Irish Lad comes' in a RUIN'S EVERYTHING!"Really?"Amy asked."Yeah,I mean I'm going to ask Danielle out later this week."I said.Her face lifted with Joy."Omg!Liam that would be so Cute!"She squealed "I know.How did Niall ask you out?"I asked."We were at Nando's and ate a bit.Then we left.Next thing I know were playing tag in a Park.He caught me and whispered in my ear."I'll never let you go."I smiled at him and we kissed then he went on one Knee and asked me to be his."She said and right then she kissed Niall.Son of a Biscuit! "That's awesome."I said trying to sound enthusiastic."Liam you coming?"I heard Danielle say."Of course."I said and kissed her cheek.She turned red and looked at the floor."Good luck Mate."Niall said."Who's this young Lad?"Danielle asked."I'm Niall Horan."He said and shook her hand."Nice to Meet you Niall,I'm Danielle Peazer."She said."Nice Meeting you."He said."Let's Go Liam."Danielle said and grabbed my hand and ran.I took a quick glimpse behind me to see Amy and Niall entering the room.

I love Danielle,but I want Amy.I can't be in Love with two People.That's just stupid.Danielle made our way Down and we entered a Limo.Right when we got in Danielle kissed me!What the French Fries!It felt like Bomb's went off.What is this!?!

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