"Treat your girl right or I will."Liam said to Niall."I think she Prefer's me, Since I didn't abuse Her!"Niall shouted.They were nearly face to face."Stop!"I said moving in between them."Niall I love you and Only You."I said and kissed his soft lips.I looked toward's Liam."Liam,I forgive you but Your Danielle's...."I said.Tear's streamed down his face and he looked at me."Fine..."He said and walked away.


6. Chapter 6:Your Abuse.

*Amy's P.O.V.*

We finished Drinking our Coffee's and Niall had to go 'Do Something'.Niall gave me a ride home and we said our Goodbyes.I walked up the stairs and saw Liam just laying in the middle of the floor with his Phone."Liam?"I asked.He tilted his head and had a Creepy Smile."Danielle Texted me."He said and turned his head slowly to his Phone."Dear Lord!"I said and walked over."Gimme your Phone!"I said sternly."No!"He shouted and tried to run away."Not so Fast!"I said and grabbed him by his Hood."No!"He said and bit my hand."Owe!"I said."Did you just bite me Liam?!?"I hollered."Yes."He said.I narrowed my eyes at him,then snatched the Phone.I pressed Call on Danielle's Contacts."Hello."She said ."Hi I'm Amy,Liam's Best Friend and I was wondering would you like to go to Dinner sometime?"I asked."Sure that would be Great!When?"She asked.

"Thursday @8:00pm Nandos."I said."Alrighty Bye."She said"Bye."I said and ended the call.When I did I was tackled by Liam."What it will bring us closer Together."I said and smiled.I pushed him off me and casually walked to my room.I yawned ir was 9:54pm.I walked to the Bathroom and washed my pale face.I dried my face off and put my hair up in a Pony-tail.I walked to my Queen sized bed and blissfully fell asleep.Of course if you call Blissful. Liam Payne shouting at you and poking you."Quit it!"I shouted my eyes still shut."No!"He shouted at me.I got so frustrated."Liam James Payne!If you don't knock it off I'll make sure you son't get to see Tomorrow."I said.With that he stopped and left.

I heard his footstep's coming towards my room."Li-"I said but was cut off by Ice water hitting my body.I immediately woke-up and ran after him."Liam YOU JERK!What The Hell Is Wrong with you!"I shouted.He just looked at me."Are you going to Answer Me!"I screamed.He just stared blankly at me."Liam please tell me."I said concerned.I walked over to him and grabbed his Hand."Don't TOUCH ME CUNT!"He screamed."Liam Stop it!"I screamed."Don't Tell Liam Payne What To Do!"He screamed and slapped me.I held my face with both hand's."Li-Liam."I said Between trembled lips."WHAT!"He screamed.I was to scared to say anything.I let tear's flow down my face. Liam bent down and looked at me and smiled."Are you crying?"He asked his voice soothing. I just shook my head slowly

."YOU HAVE A MOUTH USE IT!"He said and yanked my hair and tossed me onto the floor."Liam!"I screamed."What is it!What do you WANT!?!?"He shouted.I wiped the blood on the corner of my mouth."That all you got!?!"I said.He was thinking of what I said.With that I used my time wisely and attacked him.I started to try and push him to my room and tie him up with my scarf.He budged and went flying back.He hit his back on the floor and I ran to my room to get two scarf's.I came back and gratefully he was on the floor,I rushed and tied him up and dragged him to his room."Liam what's wrong with you."I said.He sighed and got a grip on himself."I can't say."He said."Your Abusing me,and You can't give me a God Damn Reason!"I said."I-I'm sorry."He said."Liam I'm not taking that chance."I said."Please,I won't hurt you again."He said."I can't trust you."I said."Why not!"He shouted."Your Abuse."I said and walked out of the room and went to bed.

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