"Treat your girl right or I will."Liam said to Niall."I think she Prefer's me, Since I didn't abuse Her!"Niall shouted.They were nearly face to face."Stop!"I said moving in between them."Niall I love you and Only You."I said and kissed his soft lips.I looked toward's Liam."Liam,I forgive you but Your Danielle's...."I said.Tear's streamed down his face and he looked at me."Fine..."He said and walked away.


3. Chapter 3:Loser!

*Liam's P.O.V*

I woke-up at around 8:30am.We didn't have Rehearsal so I thought Me and Amy could go Shopping since she's My Best Friend.I got dressed and then went to wake Amy.Amazingly she was already up her eye's were Red and she was in a cover."What Happened?"I asked her and hugged her."It was raining and there was Thunder."She said and hugged me tighter."Oh,I'm so sorry love."I said feeling horrible I wasn't there for her."Let's say we go Shopping."I said.She looked up at me and smiled."Let me get dressed."She said and pushed me out in about 10 minutes she was ready.I smiled and we drove to the Mall.I walked into the mall with Amy and went to the Food Court considering we haven't ate food.We went to McDonald's.I ordered  Apple Juice,20pc Chicken Nugget's,and Apple Pie.

Amy looked at the Menu then to the floor."I'll have Water,and Apple Pie."She said.I looked at her."What?"She said."Why didn't you order Food?"I asked."I got an Apple Pie."She said.I shook my head and paid the lady."Thank you."I said to the Lady and left with Amy.We talked for a while and then went shopping.Some Girl passed Amy and pushed right passed her.I looked at the lady in Disbelief of what she just did."Excuse Me,Miss you Just shoved my Friend."I said.She turned back with a Mischievous smile."Did I,I'm sorry."She said.Amy just looked.The lady looked back at her and looked Disgusted.

"Well Thank's for Apologizing."I said and was going to start walking when I felt someone grab my hand.I looked and it was the lady?"May I ask why your touching me?"I said."Why don't we just leave your 'Friend' and have fun."I was completely disgusted.I snatched my hand and looked at her."Uhm...No thank you.My 'Friend' and I were just leaving."I said and smiled.I turned around and grabbed Amy's hand and left the Mall."Why'd you say that?"Amy asked."I made a Promise not to forget you right?"I said.She nodded slowly."Then I'm not going to Forget to Protect you Either. No one can just do what she did."I stated.She looked at me."Thank you Liam."She said and hugged me."Anytime."I said and hugged back.We drove home and Practiced singing.

I never knew Amy could sing like this.We finished singing and started to play around.We were Wrestling."No Liam NO!"She screamed as I tackled her to the floor."1.2.-"I was cut off by Amy grabbing my foot and flipped me off of her."Dare to Dream my Dear Liam."She said as she pinned me to the floor.I chuckled and tried getting a grip on her but it was no use."1.2.3!"She hollered."Amy Gates you've officially outdone yourself!"She said as she raised her hand's in Victory."No!"I screamed and threw a pillow at her."Did you just throw a Pillow at me?"She asked."Maybe!"I said."Liam James Payne I will get my Revenge."She snapped.

I cowered behind the couch and looked up to see if she was around.No site of Amy."What are we looking for?"I heard a voice whisper into my ear.I got startled and jumped."Amy!"I shouted and ran after her.She ran upstairs and threw pillow's at me.I blocked them and ran before she got hold of more.I saw her running to the bathroom but I got a hold of her arm.She screamed and I tackled her  she was now on her bed.I pinned her down."Ha!Liam Payne Won!"I hollered."No!"She said."Time for bed."I said looking at the time which was 10:23pm.She pouted and sighed."Fine."She said.I smiled at her."Night Loser!"I said and stuck my tongue at her and closed the door.I walked to my bed and fell asleep thinking of One thing.One Day till our life's change...

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