"Treat your girl right or I will."Liam said to Niall."I think she Prefer's me, Since I didn't abuse Her!"Niall shouted.They were nearly face to face."Stop!"I said moving in between them."Niall I love you and Only You."I said and kissed his soft lips.I looked toward's Liam."Liam,I forgive you but Your Danielle's...."I said.Tear's streamed down his face and he looked at me."Fine..."He said and walked away.


2. Chapter 2:I promise

*Amy's P.O.V*

It's been Exactly 2 months since I choked on my Dorito. Liam doesn't have a single clue about Bailey liking him.Me and Liam got the call to the X-Factor!We're going together and going to support each other.We're leaving in Three Day's.I woke-up and did my usual Routine.I got dressed and I walked to the Next room and Opened the Door to see a sleeping Liam.I laughed a bit and Poked his face,He started to swat his arm everywhere.I smirked deviously and got on top of his bed and jumped."Daddy Wake-Up It's REHEARSAL DAY!!!!"I screeched.He got up and shouted "I'll be there in 5!"He said then pushed me out and  all I heard was thing's falling.I smiled at my Accomplishment to Wake-Up Daddy.I skipped Merrily to the Kitchen.Oh Did I forget to say,The X-Factor payed for our Flight and we got to stay in a Fancy Hotel.Me and Liam sleep in two separate room's.It's quite fun that we share the Hotel though

.I ate so Cereal and Liam ran Down the Stairs grabbed a Granola Bar ate it as quick as he could.Then grabbed my arm and ran out.We jumped in the Rental car and Drove off.We arrived and hopped out and ran into this building.We kept running threw the Hall."Liam How do you know where we are suppose to Go?"I asked."I've been here before."He stated and ran into a room.I followed him not Sure where we were going.We meet up with some Guy.He greeted us and said to sit down.Me and Liam exchanged look's a couple times because I was really scared.The man looked at me and Smiled."Hello love,What's your name?"He asked."Hello,I'm Amy Gates."I said and Smiled."Sing a Song."He stated."What?"I asked confused."Sing.A.Song."He commanded.

I was full of fear so I just did as told." "I sang but was cut off when I opened my eye's to see Liam and The Instructor's mouth open.I was scared that I was horrible so I stopped.Liam looked at me his eye's wide like a Bug.The instructor held my hand and I felt a bit Awkward."That was Beautiful."He said and I smiled."Wow"Was all Liam manged to say.I smiled toward him."You are definatley Ready."The Instructor said.I smiled Widely,How is this Happening!"Liam Sing!"He yelled.

Liam chuckled a bit but obeyed his command.""Liam sang.I was so Shocked Liam could Really sing!Me  and the Instructor just looked."Liam."I said."Mhm."He said casually."I think I love you!"I schreeched.Liam chuckled."I love you too."He said."That was Exqusit!Liam you really Improved."The Instructor said.After that we practiced and Played around.We finished and Drove home."Let's Go see Bailey."I said to Liam."Yeah!"He said and Drove to her Hotel.Obviously we wouldn't leave her Behind!We arrived and ran to her Hotel Room.We knocked on it really loud.Getting some Stare's from Random People.I got mad at the fact that people stared at me."Citizen's Stop looking at me!It's very Awkward!"I said Sounding like a Super Hero!Liam chuckled and then Bailey opened the door.

We jumped on her making her fall.We all laughed."So How was Rehersal?"She asked."It was Good,Liam Sings so Beatuful!"I said.Bailey laughed."I know."She said and hugged Liam."Mhm...Give him that Hug.Embrace it!"I said."Stop Making the Hug Perverted!"Bailey shouted.Liam's face turned so red.I gave him a Grin and he just hid his face.I giggled and we just kept talking.It was now 9:53pm."We gotta get going you know.Rest my Vocal's."I said."Oh okay,I'll miss you Guy's."Bailey said.We said our Good-Bye's and left home.I got dressed.

Then I walked into Liam's room he was still up.It started to rain and I just looked out the Window."It's Raining Daddy..."I said."Your Scared."He said looking worried at me."A little."I said.He looked at me and Gave me a warm smile."Liam."I said."Yeah?"He asked."Please Don't Forget me."I said."What?"He asked."Please Don't Forget me."I said ."Why would I forget you Amy?"He asked.I shrugged my shoulder's."Well Your just so talented and we might not see each other."I said.He looked at me and took a deep breath."I promise."He said and hugged me.

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