"Treat your girl right or I will."Liam said to Niall."I think she Prefer's me, Since I didn't abuse Her!"Niall shouted.They were nearly face to face."Stop!"I said moving in between them."Niall I love you and Only You."I said and kissed his soft lips.I looked toward's Liam."Liam,I forgive you but Your Danielle's...."I said.Tear's streamed down his face and he looked at me."Fine..."He said and walked away.


1. Chapter 1:You like Who?!?

*Amy's P.O.V.*

It was finally my First day of school.I moved about a week ago..I woke-up and got dressed.I wrapped my hair in a high ponytail and put on light make-up.I grabbed my backpack and walked to My Mom's room.I walked in and grabbed her pill's.I shook her lightly making sure not to scare her."Mom Wake-up.It's time for your pill's."I said in a low voice.She shifted around a bit then opened her eyes.I helped her to sit up,Yes my mom does have medical Problems.She has Cancer so I'm all she has.

My Dad wasn't the best Father in the world but He was there.Now he's Gone though,I have no clue where he went."Thank you Dear."My mom said and coughed a bit.I patted her back gently.She swallowed the pill and went back to bed.I left a note on her bed side telling her the food was on the Counter.I sighed and walked outside.I looked at Bailey waiting with some guy.I walked over and gave her a hug.I was confused on who the guy was but decided to say something."Hi I'm Amy."I said with a smile.

"Hi I'm Liam."He said and gave me a hug.I smiled and Bailey was just looking and waved.I smirked,She was Jealous that I hugged Liam."We're walking together?"I asked."I can...uhm...Go if you want..."Liam said and looked at the floor."No!"I shouted but coughed."Sorry but No it's okay."I said.He smiled "Thank's."He said and Began walking.We were having so much fun but Bailey and Liam were such Parent's.Liam was now my "Daddy" He really acted like one.We were walking toward's the school when I tripped over something.I heard laughing but then was picked up by Liam and Bailey.I looked and it's was Elizabeth she hated me.I never knew for what?I've only been here a week?I sighed."Your bleeding!"Liam said.I looked and I was."It's just a small cut."I said.But it was about Two Inches. 

Bailey let Liam hold me while she went to talk to Elizabeth."Bailey please let's just go."I said but Bailey went anyway's."Excuse me."Bailey said.Elizabeth shot a glare at Bailey  in disgust."Your foot tripped my friend.And it won't happen again.So keep your pasty Pale ashy skin to yourself"Bailey said smiling.Then in second's Elizabeth swung at Bailey.Bailey ducked and Dodged,Then Liam put me by a ramp to hold the Rusty handle's.Liam pulled Bailey away from Elizabeth.We got stare's when Liam picked up Bailey.Liam brought Bailey back and Grabbed me.I looked at the floor."Sorry."I said in a low voice."It wasn't your fault she just wanted to be Arrogant."Liam said."Darling it's not your fault She was like this to me."Bailey said.Liam looked at her and she smiled lightly.

We were at Liam's locker and he gave me bandage's.I smiled "Thank you Daddy!"I said and gave him a hug.They put the bandage on and Let me go.I just placed my foot on the floor and It hurt so bad.A tear fell from my eye's because of the Pain.I kept walking and went to my First Period.I had Liam with me for P.E. I had to sit out because Liam wouldn't let me.I watched as he kept running,He was really fast.I loved listening to Pop Music.Me and Liam promised we'd see each other on the X-Factor.It's been a week and I already have a Two Best Friend's.First Period Ended and Liam helped me go to Second.Second Period was with Liam again.He had all my classes but Math.Liam had Honor's for Math.We walked into Second Period History,I sat in the back and Liam sat next to me.

He kept his eyes on the Board or teacher he only glanced at me before his Attention was diverted to the Boar or teacher again.I got bored for a minute and looked around then the bell rang.I got scared and hugged Liam,He laughed and hugged me back.We walked to Third Period and It came and went.School ended and Liam and Me waited for Bailey,She came out and waved.She was biting her lip real hard."Are you okay?"I asked."Yeah."She said and her voice cracked.I was really worried but I let it go.Liam left to his house which was a block away from mine.Then Bailey left,She lived two houses down from me.

I went home and sighed.I grabbed my mother's pill's and woke her and gave them to her.It was around 6 when I heard a knock at the door.It was Bailey,She hugged me and Came in.We were having a sleep over!About 43 minutes passed and we were playing Truth or Dare.She picked Truth."Is it True you like Liam?"I said smirking.She turned Bright Red."Yeah,It's True"She said and smiled.I was eating a Doritos and I thought he was just a real close friend but when she said Yes.I started choking on the chip.I patted my back and started coughing.I screamed! "You like Who?

She like's Liam,It was so shocking to me because  He's my Daddy.Thing's are gonna be Awkward now.Bailey Why?!?

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