Love On The London Underground

Warning: Readers are advised to get a London Underground tube map before proceeding.



I feel in love with this girl on the underground. 
You resemble an ANGEL. 
I been in love before but that was the old me, but with you I can feel myself going back down that OLD STREET. 
I ain't got that much in the BANK, But your MONUMENT of beauty.

I don't just chase anything in a mini skirt and lipstick, my dick's strict, 
That's when she giggled, that's I know I'm doing fine, because all girls laugh at the "dick strict" Line. 

Then I followed her on to the dis-trict line, 
Girl, your messing with my TEMPLE. 
I want to treat you the QUEENSWAY, So I may I call you VICTORIA. 

We can live in a house with a GREEN PARK, On a GOODGE STREET, 
Where you can leave the window wide open, 
Where the sun shines so bright, that you can feel the "WHOLE-BURN" 

You in my life is essential, right, 
And I'm not saying this from the bottom of my heart, But the center.
So it may not be the bottom line, but it's more like a CENTRAL LINE, 

I was whisk you from you ALDGATE, To a WHITECHAPEL.
Forget that, I mean the mosque in Whitechapel. 

And I know I'm a little POPULAR, so girls love to talk.
But I can ignore them all, I can be like a BLACKWALL.

And I know the train ain't the place to be discussing this now, 
So how bout we get off next stop, because we CANN-ING TOWN. 

Will you be my ROYAL VICTORIA 
Or my princess even, then you can elevate my status from the pauper into the PRINCE REGENT. 

Your caught up in my system like a virus, 
How about we go on holiday to CYPRUS, because were only one stop from LONDON CITY AIRPORT. 

I BECKTON you to cum with me!! I 

But please follow me back to WOOD GREEN 
And I'm just following the last few stations, In general conversation.
So please ignore any implications or sexual connotations, 
My boy, Ayo showed me this, so it should be in quotations. 

But how bout you show me your ARNOS GROVE. 
Where you may find my OAKWOOD 
And you can relax at COCKFOSTERS.... 

She looked at me like 

"Thats the sweetest thing I have ever heard, 

a guy that just said, all the train stations form the top of his head, only shows one thing......... What's that Im intelligent,smart?

Know how to articulate and touch a girl straight to her heart? 

She looked at me like "Nah..THAT YOU AIN'T GOT A CAR" 





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Edited By: Jack Sparrow,

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