A Month To Live

this is my entry for 1SHOT41D valentines day contest.
Georgia is suffering from luekimea and doesnt want to tell anyone he deep secret, georgias best friend Niall Horan doesnt even know, but is getting suspicous. im only entering chapter 1 into the contest, but i will update everyday


1. what?

i could hear my heart beating..i counted the beats..1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.. "Georgia Emily? Room 4 please"..everything stopped, as i walked to room four, ba bum, ba bum, ba bum, ba bum. i sat on the doctors chair, the doctor was speaking too me but i wasnt listening when my phone rang. *yo yo yo yo its niall ringing answeerrr your phonnee* my ringtone always made me laugh, i answered it slowly "hey niall, what is it im a bit busy?", "oh where are you?" nialls asked worried "no where, it doesnt matter im fine" i said, at this moment in time i felt so sick i couldnt hold the phone up anymore, i hung up and dropped it on the floor. "are you ok miss davies?" the docter asked "yes im fine just tell me the results" i replied, "well they havent really changed since your last scan actually they have got worse, it has seemed to have spreed just slightly" the doctor answered. i got up and ran out of the building"MISS DAVIES PLEASE COME BACK" the doctor shouted but i carried on running, i collapsed infront of a car as it shreaked to a hault, a large hench man came out of the car, but then everything went black, about and hour or so later i woke up to two men arguing, it sounded like niall. "ni..al..l?" i said a weekly, he rapidly came to me "georgia are you ok? let me help you up, ohh whats gotten into you lately", "im so sorry niall i cant tell you, im too scared to tell anyone, even you" i said, "but georgia i love you.." he said calmly and quietly, i looked into his eyes and he gave a twinkling smile and kissed my nose. "i have luekemia.." i said quickly, niall looked at me in shock and didnt say a word!
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