Life's Like A Box Of Chocolates

Anabella has had the dream life. Nice cars, cute dogs, cute boys, rich with a nice big house but she isn't happy. She doesn't have good friends, she never gets to see her parents and she is always alone. When she goes to the One Direction concert and their meet and greet things change, but are they for better or for worse?


7. Wow....

*Louis P.O.V*

As we all sat in the back of Anabella's truck I couldn't help but thing of Elanor... I missed her so much already. We were supposed to have a romantic night tonight after the concert but no. Instead we had to get kidnapped by Paul. I meant why would he do this? Yeah, we did want some time alone but not like this? And now if we show our faces in the public we will be called liars and our careers will be ruined...

*Harry's P.O.V*

Zayn was ruining everything... I was supposed to be in the front with Ana. I was supposed to be the only one who gave her my personal email, and I was supposed to be the only one who was interested in her...

As we pulled up to her house I couldn't help but notice how nice it was. It was an old farm style Victoria house. It was also huge. She had the house many people dreamed of... all white, blue shutters, huge portch all around the house- Her look didn't match her house or where she lived? What was a beautiful girl like Anabella doing in the middle of Spiritwind Alabama?

(By the way readers there is no such place as Spiritwind Alabama. I just made it up for the story)

*Zayn's P.O.V*

Anabella has to have the perfect life? I swear. She has a perfect house, perfect body, perfect clothes, perfect country accent... How could anything bad have happened to her and her be this happy and kind?

*Anabella's P.O.V*

As we pulled up to my house I noticed all the guys staring at my house as if they were in shock?

I looked over at Zayn as I turned off the truck. "You ready?"

He snapped out of his stare and looked at me with a cheeky smile. "I'm ready whenever you are."

I looked away and blushed... Was he flirting with me? No, he was with Perrie...

I hopped out of the truck grabbing my things and making sure nothing was left in there. I threw my purse over my shoulder and put my cellphone in my pocket.

When all the guys were out of the truck I hit the lock button on my key remote and walked to the bed of the truck. I climbed on the side of my truck with my feet on the tire and started getting their luggage out. I figured each of the guys had about 3  suitcases because there were 15 suitcases and each guy had 2 personal bags with them....

In order to get all their stuff to the house it took two trips. When all their stuff was on the porch I unlocked the front door. I usually don't go in through the front door but I don't think they would want to carry all their things to the upstairs porch and through my room.

*Harry's P.O.V*

As we walked into her house I noticed it looked different then I thought it would? It was clean but it had the look of a fashon star house? Blac k couches and seats with a zebra rug, purple walls, black ceiling? Everything was black white and purple from what I could see? I looked aroung and noticed there were no family pictures? Only artwork and pictures of her? The pictures of her were ones that were obviously done professionally? Like she had them done all the time? Like she was a model? But what about her famiy?

*Zayn's P.O.V*

Pictures of her modeling but none of her family? Pictures of Art but no family?

*Anabella's P.O.V*

"Well, guys?" They looked at me. "Umm, as you can see this is my house but down stairs is not where you are going to be staying." They gave me a blank stair. "You guys will be on the second floor near my room."

"Is there enough rooms for us?" Niall asked sounding worried.

I chuckled, "Don't worry there is 6 rooms upstairs, 3 down here, a fully finished basment and a nice furnished 3rd floor. I'm pretty sure there is enough room here for all you guys."

"But what about money?" Louis said right after I finished speaking.

I sighed, "We will be fine. Lets go."

"Wait!" Louis said as I started turning around.

"Yes Louis?"

"Why didn't we just go up the stairs outside then bring our stuff up that way?"

"Did you wanna go through my room?" They were all silent. "Okay, then lets go."

As we walked up the stairs with the bags I decided to put Zayn and Harry on each side of my room. They seemed mad at each other and didnt want them to fight. Niall was in the room across from mine and Liam and Louis were in the rooms on each side of Niall.

As each of the guys settled into their rooms I was going in and out of each room helping them unpack. Niall, Louis said they didn't need help and Liam said he didn't want help. He said he didn't want to be rude he just didn't wanna be around people at this moment. I said okay and walked to Harry's room.

"Hey? You need help?" I asked leaning on the door frame with my arms crossed.

He looked at me. "Sure."

I walked towards him. "What's wrong?"

He looked back at me and stood up. Even when I had my heels on he was at least 5 inches taller then me. "Anabella?"


"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah? What?"

"Do you like me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean do you like me? As in like me? Not just because I'm a celebrity?"

'Harry- I don't even know you?..."

"So you don't even think I'm attrative?"

"Harry I'm not about to have this disscussion..."

"Then I can unpack by myself.."

I looked at him and huffed. "Fine!"

I walked out of Harry's room and went to help Zayn but by the time I was there he had everything almost completely unpacked and was getting changed.

He had his shirt off and his pants were low on his waist.

"Oh, god I'm sorry! I was just comming to see if you needed help? Umm, I'll go-"

"NO!" He cut me off and I stopped and looked at him. "You are fine. I was just taking my shirt off because I was about to ask you where the shower was?"

"Oh umm, there is one right down the hall actually."

"Okay, thanks. Do you mind if I use it really quick?"

"NO! Go ahead!"

"Okay thanks." He smiled.

I walked out of his room and into mine and closed the door but then immediatly turned around. "If you guys ever need me just go find me or knock on my door!" I yelled out into the hall.

I waited till I herd a bunch of 'Okay's" Before I closed my door.

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