Life's Like A Box Of Chocolates

Anabella has had the dream life. Nice cars, cute dogs, cute boys, rich with a nice big house but she isn't happy. She doesn't have good friends, she never gets to see her parents and she is always alone. When she goes to the One Direction concert and their meet and greet things change, but are they for better or for worse?


3. Ready?

*Clarisa's P.O.V*

As Anabella was in her room finishing up her perfect outfit, clothes, makeup, hair and whatever else she needed to perfect I sat waiting in the living room with her cat and dog. I can honestly say I hate her animals. I mean rely a bald cat and a half bald dog? (A chinese crested dog.) I mean seriously who needed these ugly creatures?

With all due respect I sorta didn't like Anabella anymore... She has become distant and I don't like it. I mean yeah she is my BFF but things have been changing... She has been getting more money from her parents and has been showering herself with gifts. Perfect heels, perfect purses, more makeup, more clothes! She had too much. She has a seperate bedroom dedicated to her clothes, purses, shoes and whatever else. She has two bathrooms, Her master bathroom with he basic things, then her second with all her extra makeup.

*Anabella's P.O.V*

As I looked for my shoes and accesories I couldn't help but shop and look in the mirror. I was so misporportioned... Short legs, short upper body... everything about me was small.. I was only 5 foot so I wore heels to make me look taller.

My outfit was my black skinny jeans, with my aqua blue flow top that was slightly low cut. I have a small jacket over it and I wore my 1 ince black platform 6 inch heels.

My makeup was my usual. Black eyeliner with my big fake lashes, and a tinted eyeshadow. My foundation was on only slightly.

I walked out to the living room to where Clarisa was waiting with my pets. I know she hated my choice in pets but they are mine. Not hers.

"You ready?" I asked.

She looked up as if startled to see me. "Yeah, you?" She smiled.

"Yep. Lets go."

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