Life's Like A Box Of Chocolates

Anabella has had the dream life. Nice cars, cute dogs, cute boys, rich with a nice big house but she isn't happy. She doesn't have good friends, she never gets to see her parents and she is always alone. When she goes to the One Direction concert and their meet and greet things change, but are they for better or for worse?



*Harry's P.O.V*

As we left the concert building and into the limo I refused to look at Zayn. How could I? He stold my only chance to actually get to know this girl. She was beautiful. although I couldn't be mad at Zayn for being a guy and taking an interest too.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

 Anabella was beautiful, syunning, smart and everything I love  but there is just one problem... Perrie. I loved her. How could I not but there was just something about Anabella.

As we walked into the limo I noticed Paul wasn't going with us? Why was that?

*Clarisa's P.O.V*

As Anabella drove me home I didn't say a single word to her till we were about five minutes from my house.

I looked over at her. "Anabella why did you flirt with them and not introduce me?"

She got a shocked look on her face. "What do you mean flirt with them? Clarisa I wasn't flirting. You know I'm not ready for that..."

"Oh come on Ana! It's been five years! Get over Tom! He is dead! Gone! Move on!"

She slammed her foot on the brakes and I had to use the dashboard of the car to stop from flinging forward. "GET OUT!"

"Excuse me?"

"I said get out now!"

"WHAT?! WHY!?"

"You don't tell me what to do! I said get out!"

"Ana my house is just up this hill though!?"

"Then get your ass out and fucking walk!"

She looked over at me and I could tell she was serious. I looked down and grabbed my purse. Before I was even able to fully close the door she sped off.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

We have been in the limo for 30 minutes and we had no clue where we were... We tried asking the driver where we were at but he kept ignoring us. We were crammed back here with all of our stuff. Why couldn't we have brought the tour bus?

The car cam so a screeching hault and the door opened. I was the first to step out. One at a time we piled out. We where in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road-

Wham! One by one we where hit upside the head and passed out on the ground.

When I woke up The limo was gon and everything we had with us was on the ground next to us. What's going on!? We werent tied up or anything just left on the side of the road in the dirt?

I stood up and noticed the other guys starting to wake up. I helped them all up one at a time.

Harry was the first to speak. "What's going on?!"

I looked away. "I don't know..."

Even with everything going on I still couldn't look straight at Harry...

*Anabella's P.O.V*

As I drove down the dirt road to get to my house I couldn't help but think of what Clarisa said... Maybe it was time for me to move on... Maybe I just needed someone to show me how to...

About 3/4ths of the way down my street I noticed there was a bunch of people in the middle of the road waving for me to stop. I slowly stopped my huge truck right in front of them- Holy shit One Direction!?

They all came running to the side of my truck and my mouth dropped.

"Anabella!>?" Zayn said almost yelling.

I was still speachless.

"What are you doing all the way out here!?" Harry asked sounding excited and concerned.

I snapped out of my speachless phase. "I live right up there?" I said pointing up the road.

They all looked in the direction my finger was pointing then looked back at me.

Zayn coughed then looked at me. "Well truth be told we sort of are in a mess right now..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well we got a note in each of out pockets."

"What did the note say?"

He handed me his note:

Dear boys,

Remeber how you said you wanted some peace and quiet for awhile? Well here is your chance. Have fun finding a place to stay! ;) I have already told the media that you guys have left on a private 6 month cruise so if you show your faces in public there goes your career! So, like I said have fun being alone for 6 months! Oh and don't worry about the girls the same thing is happening to them.

Signed, Paul

I handed the note back to Zayn and sighed. "So, you guys need a place to stay?"

They all started getting defensive and saying  no! NO! no!!

I cut them off. "I asked if you needed a place to stay? Not if you wanted to stay?"

"Yeah.." They all mumbled.

I turned off my truck and hopped out. I walked past the guys and went to get their things.

"Oh I can get that!" Harry piped up.

I looked at him with a flat look. "Just get something else..."

"But that is heavy?"

I ignored him and continued to my truck with the luggage. Yeah, heavy my ass!

I lifted their bags into the bed of my truck one by one. They all asked if they could help me but I told them to just brong the bags.

When all the bags where in the truck bed I climbed in and unlocked the doors for the rest of the guys.

Before I was able to close my door Zayn spoke. "Are you sure we are all gonna be able to fit?"

I gave him a shocked look. "Zayn, sweetie this is an F.350 Harley Davidson Rancher truck. $ full doors and 5 seats. The back is big enough to fit 4 people. I have to have a side step on the side of this truck just to gt in... I'm pretty sure you can all fit into this monsterous truck for at least a mile..."

"Fine then I call shotgun then!"

Harry grumbled and got in the back seat with Liam, Niall, and Louis and we where off to my house.

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