Summer Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Jess is just a normal 17 year old girl with the dream to meet one direction. What happens when she bumps into them? Will there be love, heart break, fighting? Read to find out. Book will be much better! (:


2. Where it started

*Please note that this is Jess telling what happened to her mom*

It all started at the end of May. I was walking home from school and saw a huge crowd of girls, I just figured there was a boy fight and they wanted to see it. I wanted to avoid all the crazy girls so  I went around the bakery. 

My friend, Ana had called me so I answered. Just then I fell to the ground. A body had slammed into me. I cracked my phone and hit my head hard on the ground. I blacked out for a few seconds, minutes whatever but found a tall cute guy standing over me. He was asking a bunch of questions. "Are you okay, love? I'm so sorry. We have to take the back way to get into the building. Does your head hurt. Please tell me your okay." My eyes finally focused and I realized who was standing over me. The one and only Harry Styles. 

"Yeah, I'm okay. It's fine." I was totally fan girling inside. "Are you sure. Come with me. I want to make sure your not hurt." I accepted his offer to go with. Hey, who wouldn't go with Harry Styles. I mean seriously. 

Harry took me into the building with him where he took me to Paul. "Paul, I hurt this beautiful girl. Can you please take care of her while I'm in the interview. I should be done in 20 minutes." "No problem Curly." Paul said. "Come with me sweetie." I followed Paul and he took me to get an ice pack. I guess I had started to form a huge bump on my forehead. 

"So how'd this happen" Paul asked. I laughed a little. "Well I was walking around the bakery and Harry was trying to get in from the fans. He ran into me and I fell." Paul just laughed, shaking his head saying "Oh that boy."

Paul and I just chatted until Harry came by me. "Hey come here." he said. I walked over to him. "I want to make this up to you by taking you to lunch with me tomorrow. Can you make it" "Uhh yeah." I said. I turned red, just my luck. "Great! Here's my number, text me later." he said smiling. I smiled back and started to walk out to go home. 

"Wait!!" Harry called. I turned. "I don't know your name" he finished. "Jess." I said smiling and walking out the door. 


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