Summer Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Jess is just a normal 17 year old girl with the dream to meet one direction. What happens when she bumps into them? Will there be love, heart break, fighting? Read to find out. Book will be much better! (:


7. Chapter 5

Jess's POV
We laid under the stars cuddling. We didn't even say a word. It was the most romantic thing in the whole world. "Hey babe, we should go. It's getting late." Harry said. "Alright." I said. I stood up groggily and stumbled when I took my first step. Harry laughed, "It looks like your learning to walk for the first time. Come to Harry, come to Harry." He said cutely in a baby voice. "F you Styles."  I mumbled. "Come hop on my back babe." I walked over to Harry and got on his back. We walked to his car and he gently placed me in. Awh, cute I thought. I was so tired I drifted off to sleep.


Harry's POV

I placed Jess in the front seat of my car. I turned the music up and started to drive. "Hey, you want me to take you home or you wanna spend the night?" I asked. No response. "Jess. Jess. Jess." I looked over and saw she was sleeping. She looked so cute when she was sleeping. "Alright, guess your spending the night." I got to my flat and took Jess out of the car. Her hair smelled like strawberries, yum. I walked over to the door and opened it. "Hey Haz, who's this?" Liam asked. All the boys were sitting on the couch watching a movie. "Oh, that girl I was telling you about, Jess. We went on our date and she fell asleep so I took her here." "Oh, well she's very pretty" Li said. "I know, she's breath taking. I'm gonna go lay her in my bed and I'll be down stairs." I walked up the stairs and laid her in my bed. I look off her heels and pulled the covers up. I walked downstairs and joined the boys on the couch. "So, you guys wanna drink some pints?" Niall said. "Oh gosh Niall. You drunk irish man....yeah sure." Louis said. We all laughed. We just sat around and drank beer. It was nice. "Alright mates, I'm going to go to sleep. Good night" I said.


I walked to my room and took off my shirt and pants. Hey, I love sleeping in my boxers. I wasn't sure if I should sleep in the bed or not. I mean I didn't want her to wake up the next morning and be freaked out. I decided to sleep on the floor. I took a pillow and got the extra blanket. I actually didn't mind this, only because I liked Jess so much. I drifted off to sleep thinking about her.


Jess's POV

I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to pee. Wait... where am I? I thought. I looked around and saw Harry's clothes and stuff around the room. Oh, I slept over. Alright but where is Harry. I got up and began to walk until I tripped over something. I fell straight on...on.. I don't know. "Ah, you can get off of me now." I heard Harry say while laughing. "Oh my gosh Harry. I'm so sorry. Why are you on the floor and not in your bed. I should be on the floor!" I said. "Jess, it's fine. I wasn't sure if you would think it's weird if I slept in there too. Why are you up?" He asked. " I need to use the bathroom..." "Oh go out in the hall and make a left. It's the first door." I walked out and turned left and opened the door. "Ahhhh!"  I screamed. I closed the door quickly. Harry came running out. "What's wrong Jess?!" he asked worried. "Someone is in the bathtub. I saw their... yeahhh." Harry laughed. "It's not funny." I pouted. Harry looked in the bathroom. "Hahahah, Lou, you scared Jess you dirty boy." Harry said. "Sorry Jess!" Lou said. "It's okay." I laughed nervously.

"Go to this bathroom." He said. "No it's okay. I don't have to pee. Let's go back to sleep." I said. We walked in the room and Harry took his spot on the floor. "Get in here curly" I said. He hopped in bed. We cuddled until we both fell asleep. 

This boy has me falling fast. It's a rush and I'm loving it. 


Comments!? Okay, next chapter will be up later. (:

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