Summer Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Jess is just a normal 17 year old girl with the dream to meet one direction. What happens when she bumps into them? Will there be love, heart break, fighting? Read to find out. Book will be much better! (:


4. Chapter 4

Jess's POV

"So where are we going?" I asked him. "I can't tell you! It's a surprise!" Harry said. I sighed and sat in the car looking out the window. This just wasn't real. I'm in the car with Harry Styles and he's taking me on a lunch date. ME. Who would of though that. I looked over to see Harry dramatically singing to 'I Knew You Were Trouble.' I quickly got out my phone and starting recording him. 

The chorus came on; "I knew you were trouble when you walking in. So shame on me nowww....." He sang loudly. We were stopped at a red light so he began to dance. 'This is totally going on twitter!' I thought. I was trying not to crack up so he wouldn't notice i was recording him. He started to do the 'row the boat dance' and I lost it. I started laughing so hard I had a couple tears come out of my eyes. 

Harry looked over and saw I was recording. "AHH!" He screamed. "How long were you recording me?" He asked. "Ah just about the whole time." I said. The light turned green. He started laughing his cute real laugh. Then I decided to stop recording it. 

"You know Harry that was pretty cute." I said while winking. "Welll.... you know...I try." He said. We both just started laughing. "Alright babe. Put this blind fold on. You can't see anything!" I grabbed it from him. On the front it said 'I love Harry Styles.' "Oh really H? I love you?" I said with a smile. "Put it on you silly girl." I tied it around my eyes. 


Harry's POV

Once  I found out Jess was recording me, I knew I was falling for her. Hard. We got to our destination and Jess tied the blind fold around her face. "Alright babe, come on." I said while helping her out of the car and leading her to the beach side. "H, where are we going? Do I feel sand on my feet." She asked. "Welll... why don't you look for yourself." She ripped the blind fold off and immediate happiness filled her face. "Harry... you didn't. This is well beautiful." she stood there with her mouth hanging open in awe. It was a beautiful sight. I had a small table set on the side of the beach. There was candles leading up to the table and on it. The ocean was beautiful and there were rose peddles all over. "It's just something I felt like I had to do." I said while shrugging. "You are the best." Jess responded. 


We sat down and the waiter brought out our lunch or would it be considered dinner. I don't know but that doesn't matter. "Harry, you really didn't have to do this. I mean it's perfect." "Like you." I said with out thinking. She blushed. We ate our dinner and during it she suggested we play 20 questions. 

"Okay H, favorite song to sing?" "Well, from what you witnessed in the car I knew you Were Trouble." I said with smiling. "What about you?" "Hmmm..I think my favorite song would be The A Team or your Little Things." she said. "Those songs are lovely. OK my turn. favorite thing to do?" "Cheerleading!" she answered. We finished our dinner and played the game for away longer.


Jess's POV

This date with Harry is amazing so far. Best night of my life. Harry went to the bathroom so I was just thinking about this night. I suddenly felt two strong arms pick me up and start running to the water. I was about to scream but I heard Harry laughing. "Styles you put me down right now!" "Nope." And that was that. We were in the water. "Harry, I'm going to kill you." I laughed. I started splashing him with water. "Oh yeah, I'm drowning." He said sarcastically. Oh that boy. He swam over to me and just wrapped his arms around me. It was nice. I looked up and noticed it was really dark out. I saw stars. "Come on, were  going to watch the stars." I said while dragging him out of the water.

We laid on the blanket just staring at the sky saying nothing. "Jess," He broke the silence. "I really like you." I smiled. "I like you too Harry. A lot." And that was that. He leaned over and kissed me under the stars. It was amazing. 

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