Summer Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Jess is just a normal 17 year old girl with the dream to meet one direction. What happens when she bumps into them? Will there be love, heart break, fighting? Read to find out. Book will be much better! (:


11. Ch. 8

Jess's POV

"Jess, can we talk?" Harry asked. I just nodded. "Babe, I never NEVER, meant to hurt you. I didn't even want to drink. It just happened and when it stopped, I couldn't believe I did that. But it did make me realize that I want YOU and noone else. Please, please please give me another chance." I was quiet. I mean, i had to absorb this. "Jess, say something." "Harry, I want to be with you so much. But I think I want to just be friends for now. I forgive you, let's just take it slow."

I watched as Harry's face dropped. "Jess. Please." My heart ached. "Harry, let's see how this week goes and than at the end of it, maybe we can get things started up again. Okay, H?" I hugged him. I felt right in his arms but he hurt me so I couldn't take him back right away. "Okay, you know we will get together." He said. "Whatever you say."


Harry's POV

At least me and Jess got this straightened out. But, I just want her now. I can't wait a week to see how things go. I decided to go on twitter and tweet a bit. 

"@Harry_Styles: It hurts to know something you love so much can be taken away in a second."

In a matter of seconds fans tweeted me back.

"@F/T/W: @Harry_Styles You'll get Jess back, you two are meant to be."

"@Y/T/W: @Harry_Styles, Keep your head up, I love you."

And the last tweet from Jess. 

"@Jessss01: @Harry_Styles please know I love you with all my heart. I'm hoping things will work out, H. Maybe we can go out on a friendly date. xx"

She makes me smile. I decided that I would take her out on a date today, but ask her cute. I went to the store to get some flowers, chocolates and a stuffed animal. I got back and went  to find Jess.

"Jess, Will you go on a date with me tonight. Please. I'm not trying to rush you but I want to do this." I said super fast.

"Sure, H." She got up and hugged me. "Alright be ready by 7." I said while having a huge smile on my face. 


Jess's POV

I went to go get ready since it was already 4. I know I said by the end of next week but this is nothing. It's just a date. Who cares. I hoped in the shower and thought about everything. After, I called El to come help me with my hair and make-up.

"Jess, are you sure that you want to do this?" "Yes, I think." "Okay." El said with a smile. She was curling my hair and it looked incredible. She than started on my make-up. When she was done she picked out a tight black dress. I looked at myself and though 'I look super hot!' 

It was 6:52 when I walked downstairs.

"Wow, Jess, you look beautiful." Harry said. "Why thank you"

We got in the car and started driving. He put the radio on and and "Young and Beautiful" came on the radio.  I started singing, "Will you still love me, when I'm no longer, young and beautiful." "I will." Harry said while looking at me. I smiled. We both looked back to the road to see a car coming straight at us. That was it, everything went black. 

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