Summer Love (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Jess is just a normal 17 year old girl with the dream to meet one direction. What happens when she bumps into them? Will there be love, heart break, fighting? Read to find out. Book will be much better! (:


1. Taking a look Back.

Jess stared out her window. She  has been doing this for the last 3 months. "Jess-dinner is ready" Her mom called up. "Okay, be down in a minute" Jess replied with little emotion in her voice. 

Jess's mom, Tina, had been worried about her. Jess had fell in love over summer but as she expected, it ended in heart break. Tina wish she could make her daughter happy again but she knew only time would heal the ache in her heart. Jess made her way down stairs giving a smile to her mom.

"Jess, stop mopping around. He was an amazing boy but you can find another one." Tina said. "Mom. I don't want another boy. I want him. He makes-made" she corrected herself. "He made me feel special." "Honey, listen you are beautiful. If you guys are meant to be----" "Don't" Jess cut her off. "I heard this before."

She went to the living room and flipped through the channels. Tina decided to give her a few minutes. She walked into the living room sitting on the chair. 

"Okay, Jess. Tell me where your summer love story began. I want to know. I need to help you get through this."

Jess weakly smiled but started say "Welll...."


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