Forgettable Love (Niall Horan)

Dont you hate it that, when life turns out to be perfect their has to be something that will come and ruin it? you know, make you forget all about it?


1. The Forgotten Love

this is my first story here hope you'll like it (i posted it on wattpad too) XD enjoy!


I sat by the bar, looking at the people that came in every once in a while. Just doing the same thing i do every week. people were dancing, laughing, you know, having fun. And I just waited, waited for some one to come and talk to me, to the little shy girl that sat on the far end of the bar. I kept waiting for that someone but, no one bothered to talk or even look at me.

I raised up from my sit searching the room, hoping that someone will look back.

Yep, This is what I did for 2 hours strait, waisting my time. I grabbed my bag from the bar, pulling my dress down as I got step by step off the high chair. I walked towards the exit, past all the sweaty hot bodies.

Until I noticed him, he looked at me with his Crystal blue eyes and his sweet gentle smile. I smiled back shyly thinking maybe he'll be that one, but unfortunately he turned around and walked back to his friends.

Of course he'll do that. what was I thinking ? What are the chances that a guy like him will want a.. Girl

I decided to stay. Thinking maybe he'll change his mind and come to me, ask me to dance with him, drink with him, something.

I swiftly walked back to my usual sit. Climbing up the high chair. Searching for him and his group of friends.

I leaned on my left elbow resting my head on it, day dreaming about him.

Thoughts were running in my head as I stared at him. All of his friends were dancing like animals and he, just moved his gentle small body to the beat.

It was almost three in the morning and I still sat there, staring.

Thoughts never stopped running through my mind.

The bar started to slowly evacuate. And I could tell that he was about to leave too. Each one of his friends went to a different corner and picked up his stuff. They said goodbyes and headed towards their cars, including him.


I grabbed my stuff and leaved the place. I was frustrated, tears started to form in my eyes, I knew this was a total waist of time. What was I thinking?

It was really cold outside, and all i wore was a short dress with nothing on top.

I warped my arms around my self trying to warm up a little , but of course that it didn't help.

I sat on a bench waiting. Again, for nothing, just waisting my time.

I searched for my phone in my bag. I pulled it out and checked if I got any messages. No nothing,

I kept looking down at my phone, searching for something interesting to do.

Just trying to make the time fly quickly.

"What are you doing here alone?" A sweet voice asked out of no where. I didn't expect any one to be out here, especially at this hour.

I raised my head up to see who it is.

I couldn't believe what I saw. It was the same guy that looked at me in the club the one that I waisted my time for.
He came.

"Just waiting..." I said quietly, trying to make up an excuse. I looked up at him to see his response to my stupid answer. he just smiled weirly knowing thats not the real reason.

" And what are you doing here? i thought you'v already left." I said raising my eyebrows.

"I...I...I" he stuttered as he begian to look around like hes trying to find something. "oh. yeah, its because i left, umbrella" he continued to say. all i did in response what to look at him the way he looked at me.

The wind started to blow, making me shiver.

We sat there in an awkward silence until I felt two warm arms touching my shoulders, putting on them something warm and cozy. It was his coat.  I started to feel uncomfortable, noticing that he just sat there with nothing more that a short shirt.

I tried to get it off of me but he didn't let me, he just pushed back the coat when I handed it to him.

"Take it, I'm not cold" he said as he put the coat back on me.

As he touched my neck I felt that he's body was still warm, he didn't shiver not even a bit.

"Come on, I'll take you home." He said grabbing my hand, pulling me up.

Goosebumps appeared on my skin due to his warm, gentle touch.

I walked shyly after him, letting him lead me to his car.

I jumped up a little as I felt him touching my waist, pulling me closer to him.

"Don't be afraid, I wont hurt you" he said smirking,

I bend my head down,right as I noticed I was blushing,


After a while we got to his car and he rushed to the other side, opening the car door for me.

He grabbed my hips and helped me up to his tall car.

I hesitated a little from his touch;  feeling a bit uncomfortable since we were still complete strangers.


What do you think of the story so far? It'll really help :)




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