Forgettable Love (Niall Horan)

Dont you hate it that, when life turns out to be perfect their has to be something that will come and ruin it? you know, make you forget all about it?


2. "Hurt"

"So, where do you live?" He asked curious. He looked at me with his blue shiny eyes. Waiting for an answer.
I gave him my address and we began to drive.
I leaned on the window, watching the sun rise, thinking.


We sat in the car in silence, she looked out the window and I was focusing on the road,driving.
I turned the radio on, which played the song "hurt".
In the corner of my eye I could see that she was no longer facing the window, watching the view.
But, she was now looking down to the floor instead.
"What happened?" I asked quietly.
She didn't answer, still looking down.

I wanted to know so bad what happened so i could help her but I didn't want to make it worse.
I tried to grab her hand, to show her that I'm here if she needs someone.
But as soon as my fingers got near her forearm she immediately moved her hands away, not wanting me to touch her.

The song kept playing and she.... kept crying.
I couldn't take it anymore, I couldn't see her cry.
So I switched the button and turned the music off.

After a while the tears stopped pouring, and all was heard were sniffles.
"I miss him" she whispered quietly. Biting the edge of her shirt.
"He was all my life,but now he's gone."
Tears started to fill up her eyes again, and her sniffles were even louder than before.
She was definitely hurt.
I tried to find the right words, I tried to relate with that feeling of loosing someone, but I just couldn't do that.

"if you need any help just know I'm always here" I finally whispered, wiping her tears away.
She looked at me with her green sparkling eyes, smiling.
"Thank you."
I smiled back, happy that she's no longer crying.
After a long ride we finally got to her house.
Out side was raining so, we decided we should stay in the car for a couple of minutes, just until the rain will stop.
We kept sitting there in silence, waiting for the rain.
"didn't you say you had an umbrella?" She suddenly asked.
"What? ohh... Hehe" I giggled, scratching the back of my neck.
"I,I, I must have forgotten it ,again..oh well ..." I tried to make up an excuse.
But she didn't buy it.
"I'm going home" she said laughing.
She got up from her sit and opened the door.

"Wait, its still raining," I told her but she didn't listen.
"Ok, I'm coming with you," I said getting up slowly. i was so glad she's feeling better right now that I didn't really care there was heavy rain out side.
"Come on" she called.
She grabbed my hand and we walked towards her house.
When we got to her door we were both soaked in water, cold.
"Want my coat?" I asked her.
this time she didn't refuse it and took it right away.
"Now I'm not cold any more, and it's so lovely here, underneath your coat" she said, trying to provoke me.
"It's fine as long as you're fine"
I said squeezing her hand tightly.
Her cheeks turned red and a little smile appeared on her lips.
She came closer, gave me a kiss on the cheek and then got into her house.
I headed towards my car but turned around just as I heard her calling.
"What's your name?" She said laughing
"Niall, Niall James Horan"
"Well its nice to finally know your name" she smiled raising her eye brows.
"By the way, I'm Miley, Miley Avardin"
"Nice to meet you Miley" I said as i turned around and headed back to the car.

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