Loving You

Loving You is about a girl named Bella who is not your average girl she's a mermaid for crying out loud! One night she gets kidnapped by five boys and tries to escape. What will happen when she falls for one of the boys? Will she tell him her secret? Or forget about him and escape?


10. Who You Are

I walked down stairs. The boys were all in the living room watching something on T.V. I went into the kitchen, filled the large sink full of water, and stuck a spoon in my pocket. I took a deep breath here we go.... I slowly walked into the living room. "What do you want now." Zayn said throwing his head back. "Nothing just to get out of here" I looked at the ground. "Sorry not gonna happen" Louis said turning around. "We'll see about that." In a quick few seconds I quickly made a wave of all the water and sent it flying twords them. They saw it coming and scattered everywhere leaving Zayn on the couch. I forze the water around his hands and his feet. Louis came up from behind me. "Gotcha!" He said putting me in a choke hold. That's what he thinks. I threw him off of me into the wall. He tried to get up, but he couldn't move. Niall was the next one who came running twoards me. I quickly turned around and flipped him over. The door was open so I ran twoards it to get out. Liam jumped right in front of me. "Where so you think your going?" He put his hands out blocking me from leaving. "Liam I don't have time for your games!" I took out the spoon and put it in his face. "Let me leave!" He stared at the spoon and slowly stepped back. I ran out the door and was home free until I was pinned up against the wall outside the house by my wrist. Ugh I forgot about Harry! I opened my eyes and sure enough I was looking into his green eyes. I looked away. "Bella don't do this. I need you with me. I-I love you." Did he just say he loved me. Come on Bella just get out of there! Your almost free. I tried to get free so I could escape. "Bella please looks at me." He begged I lifted my head up. "Harry I-I can't I need to get--" I was cut off by Harry's lips that crashed into mine. This time I didn't hold back I gave in and kissed back.

Harry's POV

I kissed her and put my all into it. I felt her give in and kiss back. Finally! I knew it. I knew she liked me! We pulled apart. "Harry I don't know about this...I need to leave." She said looking down. "Bella just stay I love you. I don't know what I'd do without you." She smiled "Besides its getting dark out--" I didn't finish. "WHAT!" She she jumped out of my grasp and looked at the moon. "beautiful isnt it?" i asked. her eyes widened and ran inside. I ran after her but stopped in the living room. I saw all the boys on the floor moaning and liam curled up into a ball. Wow she did all this? I heard a door slam and ran upstairs.

Bella's POV

Oh no! I looked at the moon. I started throwing myself at the walls trying to fight it. I wasn't working i slowly felt reality slipping away.

Harry's POV

From outside Bella's door. I heard banging inside and loud noises. I tried to open the door but it as locked. "Open up Bella!" I started to panick. The key! I have a key! I took the key out of my pocket my hand shaking and unlocked the door. I found her laying on the floor with her eyes closed. I ran to her side. "Bella wake up! Don't do this!" I was shaking her trying to get her eyes open. Almost crying. I picked her up and laid her on the bed and sat on the floor.

After 10 minutes I heard giggling. "Bella?" She was on the bed lying down laughing. "W-what happened?" She said through laughs. What was going on. "Bella are you ok I found you knocked out." I said worried. "Hey wanna go for a swim" she said jumping up ignoring my question. "I-I thought you were afraid of water?" She ignored me again and grabbed my hand pulling me. "Let's go." She ran twords the door and I ran after. We were out by the pool when I realized something. "Bella don't you need a swimsuit." She turned around and smirked. "Shhh I don't need one" she laughed and dove right in. It was perfect dive. I sat there amazed. I shook my head, took off my shirt and jumped right in. I opend my eyes underwater. All I could see we're bubbles until out off them came smiling Bella. She was beautiful tail and all. WAIT! A tail?!? I was shocked. She just kept swimming. Happy as ever. I came up to the surface. How could she not tell me this? Is this why she was "arfraid of water"? I need awnsers now, but first I had to get her out of here before the guys got back from getting medicine. She came up to the surface and swam up to me. "Bella you have to get out now!" She just laughs "don't you want to stay here forever?" "No Bella come on get out." I started pulling her hand. "Nooo I want water!" She said in a little kid voice. That's when I got the idea.

"Hey Bella if you get out now we can go to the ocean! Would you like that?" She smiled huge "yes!" She said clapping her hands. "Come on lets get you out." She grabbed my hand and pulled herself out. "Ok so...how do we get your legs back." She laughed "I need to dry silly!" "How long does that take?" I asked "a while...." I didn't have time I needed to get her dry fast. "Guess we'll need to speed up the process" I ran inside. I knew exactly what to do. I grabbed Zayn's wireless hair dryer and started using it to dry her. "Ow that's hot!" She said "sorry Bella you have to dry." She crossed her arms and I continued. She was dry and she stood up grabbing my arm. "Now lets go!" She started tugging on my arm. "Now wait a minute I'm going to take you there and it's a suprise so close your eyes!" She closed her eyes. I took her hand and led her twords the house. Once we were inside I took her to the room and locked the door behind us. I sat her on the bed. "Wait here ok?" She giggled "ok!" I went into the bathroom and filled the huge bathtub full of water. "Ok it's ready Bella!" I got her up from the bed and led her to the tub. "Open your eyes" her eyes fluttered open. "This is the smallest ocean I've ever seen!" She said dissapointed. "Hey I said I got to take you were I wanted and I choose here." She shrugged and got in. There were millons of tiny bubbles the her tail appeared. I was still very shocked by all this. I can't believe how big of a secret she didn't tell me. I was interrupted from my thought when I heard the front door shut.

I ran down stairs and all the guys were there. "Hey guys how'd it go?" That all stared. "What?" I asked . "Harry why are you all wet?" Niall asked. I looked down at my clothes. Great I forgot I was all wet. "Uhhhh I had a water gun fight with myself.." Nice one Harry. "Ok Haz tell us what really happened." Said Louis crossing his arms. "I was walking outside and I fell in the pool." I smiled really big. "Where's Bella?" Liam asked sounding suspicious. "Ummm....shes upstairs." I replied. "Really? You sound unsure." Liam said eyeing me. "Oh I'm sure." I replied quickly. "Then you wouldn't mind if I go check on her would you?" He looked at the stairs. I ran over to them blocking them with my arms stretched wide. "Y-you can't shes uh taking a shower." "O well you should have said so." They all sat on the couch. A wave of relif passed over me. "So what's up with you anyway." Asked Zayn "you look worried." We'll I have a mermaid girl in the bathtub! I wanted to say but all I said was "it's nothing." There was an awkward silence. "We'll I'm tired guys I'm going to bed." I faked a yawn. "Alright night Haz" I walked up the stairs and into the bathroom where Bella was. When I walked in she had her hand in a weird position and a ball of water floating in the air. "What are you doing!" I yelled "this!" She threw it at me and I was soaking wet again. She sat in the water laughing. Then I couldn't help but laugh too. I grabbed a stool and sat by the tub. I couldn't help but stare at her tail. "Wanna touch it?" She asked sweetly. "Sure..." I reached out and rubbed it. "It's so smooth and slimy" I said amazed. "Why thank you!" She exclaimed then she reached out and touched my face. Her touch was amazing I wanted to have her all to myself. "Your face is so smooth" she said staring into my eyes. I stared back at hers. "Bella?" "Yea?" she asked. "Can I do something" she paused "it depens..." She smiled. We never dropped eachothers gaze. I put my hands on her face at started to lean in. She met me halfway and our lips were pressed against each others. This time I knew she wasn't holding anything back or hiding anything. I now know who she really is, and I love her.
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