Loving You

Loving You is about a girl named Bella who is not your average girl she's a mermaid for crying out loud! One night she gets kidnapped by five boys and tries to escape. What will happen when she falls for one of the boys? Will she tell him her secret? Or forget about him and escape?


8. 2nd Moon

Bella's POV

Since I probably will be stuck here for another night, I might as well start preparing. I know! Ill just put a blanket over the window and problem solved! I got a blanket and walked twoards the window. I started to put it up, but I was to late the moon had risen and I was staring right at it.

Harry's POV

I was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden I heard horrifying screaming. Is that Bella. I didn't think much I ran up the stairs and into Bella's room. I found her in the corner of the room, her hands on top of her head, head in hear knees, rocking back and forth screaming. I ran over to her and put my arms around her. "Bella what's wrong." I tried not to sound panick. "Th-they're coming for me! They're g-going to kill me!" She started crying hard. "Who's coming Bella?" I asked confused. "The-the people with the nets." She started rocking more. I had know idea what she was talking about, but I was going to try and comfort her. "Shhh" I started rubbing her back trying to calm her down. "It's ok Bella no ones gonna hurt you as long as I'm here." She looked at me her pale face stained with tears, then she dug her head into my chest tears still streaming. "Don't leave me Harry." She said into my shirt. "I'm not going anywhere I'm right here." I held her close. I got up and carried her to the bed. She was shaking really bad. I laid down next to her still not letting her go. I started singing to her, her head on my chest. She calmed down ,closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep. This was nice holding her here comforting her. She looked so beautiful while she slept. I wish this moment didn't have to end. How bad I wish I could call her mine.
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