Keep calm and Live on....

Maria is 15 years old and the smartest girl in her class, but shes also the ugliest and is bullied about it every day, and shes fed up of it. But what she chooses to do is far, far worse........


1. Prolouge

I'm going to start by describing the groups in my class. First all the popular girls in the back giggling over the boys in our class and who they were going to ask out next. Then there were the fashion freaks, looking at magazines and choosing which out fit could help them pick up the most boys at the upcoming parties. Then, the party animals, bending over drunk the whole time, coming into class and then running out again to vomit. Then you have your sluts, the girls...and a couple of boys whose only abition is to sog as many of the opposite sex in one evening as possible. Now the boys, you have your jocks, your geeks, your musicians and your idiots...although I suppose the idiots and the jocks fit into the same group. But anyway, then theres me.


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